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Sam-I-Am and the Colorado Christian Writers Conference

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01samDear Friends,

Some of my earliest writing was poetry. It wasn’t good, but it rhymed. And working on the words helped me learn more about language, rhythm, and meter at a young age. Thanks to a supportive teacher, I was a published poet in the seventh grade and won a national writing award for my poetry that same year.

So when I wanted to blog about the Colorado Christian Writers Conference in a fresh way (read last year’s “Top Ten Reasons NOT to Attend the CCWC”) , I went back to my old standby: verse. This won’t win any awards, but I hope it does convey at least a bit of the joy of the CCWC as well as the foolish excuses that keep people from attending.

Enjoy–and I pray you will “meet me on the mountain” in a few more weeks!

For His glory,


Sam-I-Am and the Colorado Christian Writers Conference (with apologies to Dr. Seuss) 

 ©2015, Marti Pieper


That Sam-I-am

He wants to go

To a writers’ conference

Don’t you know?

Which should he choose?

What will it be?

He’s headed off to


In Colorado,

So you say?


Days of May?

Sam-I-am, I

Can’t come with you

I’ve got too many

Things to do.

Oh sure,

I like to write and all

But share my words?

That’s not my call.

Now, Sam-I-am

Don’t mess with me

I will not come

Just let me be.

I’m sure the setting’s

Gorgeous, yes.

I’m sure the teaching’s

Bound to bless.

And agents, editors,

Authors, too

Are all prepared

To meet with you.

But Sam-I-am

I don’t know how

I can afford it.

Tell me, now.

Marlene says God

Will make a way?

Since she’s in charge,

I’ll have to pray.

And if I go

I’ll learn so much

And use my words

The world to touch?

Oh, Sam-I-am

I just don’t know

How I could come to


But yes, I long

To see God do

Great things in me,

Great things in you.

I want to write

What others need.

I want to offer

Truth they’ll read.

So Sam-I-am,

I’ll go with you,

To Estes Park

The conference, too.

We’ll listen, learn

We’ll pray and praise,

We’ll see God’s glory,

Learn His ways.

But one more question,


Does the dining hall serve

Green eggs and ham?


  1. Love this!

    • Thanks, Ava. I should have fit you in there somewhere!

      • Hi, Marti. I loved your SAM – I – AM poem. I write poetry too, ever since I was in 6th grade. I’ve been writing for 63 years. Four years ago I published a spiritual poetry book called “God’s Potpourri of Love.” I’m still writing and now I’m writing devotions and a novel. Someday I hope to be as successful as you.

        Evelyn B. Ryan

        • Thank you for those kind words, Evelyn. As long as you are doing what God has called you to do, I’m pretty sure you’re already a big success. Blessings!


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