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The Collaborative Writing Process


Interview author, read/study/watch/listen to portions of message and teaching in various forms. Create questions and thoroughly research topic. Gather information on marketing, promotion, competing/complementing books from author and from general research. Discuss brand development with a view to incorporation within proposal.


Use gathered information and knowledge of industry to develop thorough, competitive book proposal including chapter outline, general and chapter summaries, marketing and promotional plans, special features, author and writer bio, and two or three sample chapters. Discern unique selling point and highlight within proposal. Interact with author and agent as needed. Edit or rewrite as necessary at agent or acquisitions editor’s request.


Use author’s printed/online/recorded information plus interviews to develop teaching into cohesive, comprehensive manuscript. Add own content as necessary to organize and develop material within sections and individual chapters. Add chapter titles, subheads, questions, and sidebars as needed. Suggest title and subtitle; work with author/agent/publisher to refine as needed. Produce manuscript of appropriate word count.  Meet agreed-upon deadlines.


Communicate on author’s behalf with editors at all levels to make corrections (electronically and by hand at galley stage) for content, style, grammar, and punctuation. Review cover and publicity materials (press releases, interview questions, etc.) to ensure they reflect the truth of the book; rewrite or make suggestions as necessary. Interact with author as appropriate for each step. Advocate on behalf of author/ brand to ensure brand and central ideas and/or story are preserved throughout publishing process.