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I offer two types of editing services for nonfiction manuscripts. Any developmental edit will also include copyediting.

The first is copyediting/line editing. This is the picky, detail-oriented stuff where I correct grammatical and spelling errors and fix punctuation mistakes. I also correct problems such as overuse of certain expressions or clichés.

The second is developmental editing (substantive editing). This is the big-picture edit where I look at content and logical flow. I try to make sure your words say what you intend in the best way possible. At times, I may switch chapters around, move illustrations or other elements within a chapter, etc., in order to make your work reflect your true meaning.

For manuscripts that need more work, I also offer ghost- and/or collaborative writing. For more information about this, click here.


I’ll read your manuscript and make comments in the margins as I read. I’ll provide that and a review letter to summarize my findings.

Some clients use a manuscript critique as a way to decide whether or not to use my editorial services. If you choose this option and continue as an editing or collaborative writing client, I’ll apply your critique fee to the bill for the services that follow.