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What do you do?

As my son says, “Write, edit, and write some more.”

My nonfiction book projects allow me to combine my writing and editing skills in interesting ways. I write. I edit. I assist authors by helping them take their written or spoken messages from good to great.

I also write for magazines like Sisterhood and nonprofits like Awe Star Ministries and The Shelby Kennedy Foundation, sponsor of the National Bible Bee.

But the most important way I serve is by praying for these authors, speakers, and ministries. Together, we’ve watched God do some amazing things.

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You might be a writer if, like Marti:

  • You write poetry when you’re barely old enough to print sentences.
  • You look forward to the term papers other students dread.
  • You manage to fit some form of creative writing into every college project.
  • Your mind takes constant road trips to visit new characters, plotlines, subheads, or titles.
  • You have at least 250 clever first lines for novels stored in your head.


You might be an editor if, like Marti:

  • You feel compelled to comment on billboards that contain grammatical errors.
  • You read the restaurant menu and notice spelling mistakes.
  • Your eye is immediately drawn to “it’s” used as a possessive.
  • You embrace your inner Spellchecker.
  • You own a T-shirt that reads, “I am the grammarian about whom your mother warned you.”