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Pray: #PrayerKeeper Feedback, Please!

Posted by on September 17, 2013 in Pray, Uncategorized | 2 comments

Question Marks“That applies to everyone!”

“I think we all need that prayer.”

“You do realize you’re praying for the whole world, right?”

These are some of the responses I receive when I share what have become my daily #PrayerKeeper Facebook status posts and tweets. As I’m sure I’ve mentioned before, I’ve continued them only because they seem to minister to people. I’m wary of “praying to [myself]” like the proud Pharisee in Luke 18. If I ever sense the posts are becoming less than authentic, I’ve promised myself to stop posting.

But I digress. I do realize that often the prayers apply to everyone. To be honest, that’s how they end up online. Most of the time, I’m praying for a friend, family member, or for myself and realize a particular prayer could apply to many. Those tend to be the ones I post.  So, to those who have commented to that effect, thanks for the affirmation. I’m grateful they apply to everyone. And today, I have an important question.

More than a few of you have written to tell me these posts should be a book. As much as people may like them, no one would publish a book consisting only of “I’m praying for . . .” I don’t want to write what won’t sell.

But I’d love your help in an informal survey. What type of prayer book would you like? Brief (but expanded) prayers like the ones I sometimes post (check out some favorites here and here)? A devotional-type book with the “praying for” and then a brief explanation of who might need that prayer and why, along with a one-or two-sentence prayer? Something else? Or nothing at all?

I’m busy writing other books right now, and another author and I hope to share a how-to book to help demystify prayer. But as I look ahead, I’m thinking about how many people of all ages, shapes, and genders tell me God uses those daily PrayerKeeper posts. In the words of the wise Henry Blackaby, I want to watch where God is working and join Him.

So—let me know what you think. Leave a comment below or feel free to email me through the contact link on the right.

Thank you, as always, for your kind and affirming words. I hope when you see the words, “Praying for. . .” or the #PrayerKeeper hashtag, you know I am praying, often multiple times throughout the day for that same request. I appreciate the trust you place in me when you share your prayer needs. And, as always, I’m honored to lift you before Him.


  1. Hi, Marti. In the summers of 2011 and 2012 I attended the Glen West” arts in faith” workshop. It had a heavy Catholic and Orthodox presence. I got a chance to have lunch daily with several Orthodox folks and discovered something surprising — I like the idea of written prayers, repeated daily (or often). One lady, a former Baptist-Presbyterian-Episcopalian who ended up in the Orthodox church, told me it took so much pressure off her to have a ready supply of prayers to say in all sorts of circumstances. When she was confused, depressed, or just didn’t feel like struggling for words, those prayers were there for her. They’d been prayed for centuries. I thought at the time that I wished Protestants had those kinds of prayers. Not that we couldn’t keep praying our own prayers. But if I had a morning prayer — like a sacred refrain — or an evening prayer, or a prayer for encouragement . . . you get the idea. The Psalms are like that. Modern Psalms? Something like that. You’d write a beautiful book like that. I love your prayers. There could be short prayers for memory, longer ones to read, prayers for all occasions. Quick. Write it, before I decide to!!!

    • Wow. I appreciate these thoughts so much, Peggy. I wasn’t aware of the power of written prayers, either, until I started posting them. They are nearly always the most popular things I post–some of them get regular hits although they went up ages ago. When I think about it, I realize I’ve read and enjoyed other printed prayers at various times in my life. Sometimes when our hearts have no words, we can borrow someone else’s. And that’s a good and God thing.

      Obviously, I’m still considering this, and now is not the right time. I just thought I’d see what some of you thought. Again–thanks for the feedback.

      Oh–and you finish YOUR book before you even think about writing mine, girlfriend!

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