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PRAY: Prayer for Family Healing

Posted by on March 6, 2012 in families, healing, Pray | 51 comments

Beloved Father and Shepherd of our souls, I come to You today with gratitude in my heart for the gift of family. I know You designed families to present a perfect picture of You and Your work. But so often, God, we are sorrowful people in shattered relationships. Sin and Satan have entered in to fracture our families and leave them in deep need.

Today, I pray for healing of family bonds. I ask you to breathe your unity throughout each family. Where hatred reigns, let love prevail. Where anger rises, let peace endure. Where selfishness chokes, let sacrifice come forth. And where bitterness poisons, let the sweet balm of your Spirit whisper truth, light, and life.

Lord, you know the deep needs of each family touched by this prayer. Some have relatives who don’t know You. Some have family members who don’t communicate with them anymore. Some have loved ones removed from them by death, illness, or the deceitfulness of sin.

I ask for Your grace to allow each one to stand strong amid these trials and for Your mercy to flow in and through every unique situation. Protect us from the evil one, and knit the hearts of our families together even as you knit our own hearts more closely to Yours. In Christ’s holy name I pray, AMEN. 

Do you have a more specific family prayer need? Leave a comment below or email me here. I’ll be honored to lift you and yours before Him.


  1. For my son and his depression, may all evil spirits be expelled from him, so that God can change his current path to that of God’s Own way, that he may have eternal salvation, I ask this through Jesus Christ our Lord and Saviour who takes away the sins of the world. Amen

  2. Agreeing with you in prayer!

  3. My family of 3kids their spouces and 8 grands, satan has came in our lives and is distroying my family. I’ve been disowned called all kindds of names by not my kids but their husband and wife plz help lift them them up to the lord and to walk his path and have faith.I would leave my name but the lord knows who we are.

  4. Your posting is so heartbreaking. May God hear your prayer and bless you in ways we could never imagine. I pray that soon you will ALL be walking daily with our loving Heavenly Father.

  5. Please help me please pray for me im a 16 yr old girl and I just moved back in with my mom and new husband im having some bad family problems my tep dad don’t want her kids in her life, just please help me I need prayer that could help me please to fix my broken home I just want my mom back please help.

    • Cindel, I have been and will be praying (not sure why my previous post disappeared). You are going to the right place for answers by seeking Him. I am praying for your broken family–and so is He.

    • iam praying that Gods will for your families lives will be established this day and remember Gods plans for all of you are to prosper you and to enlarge you, and also to keep you in perfect peace when your mind is stayed n Him. I pray that you Cindel and your family will be transformed by the renewing of your minds and I cover you with the Blood of Jesus because in the Blood there’s healing and restoration, no matter what it looks like please try to see your family members as God sees them, REDEEMED BY THE BLOOD! Satan comes to devour families BUT God comes to give them LIFE….May God continue to shied you and may He open the eyes of the people around you so they can see clearly. Amen

  6. Please pray for healing between the siblings in my family. I also pray especially for each to come forth & forgive one another. Please, Lord-heal my family!

    • Lord, please heal this family and bring Your unity to the siblings. Help each one to admit fault, and each one to forgive. In your name I pray, AMEN.

  7. My family is broken my dad keeps disagreeing with my mum, although she does everything for the family. He clings to the past.. All these disturbances are fuelled more cause of my elder sister. She is a very self centered and heartlesss person. my other sister and I have tried everything possible to help unite the family but nothing positive has happened. Each day gets harder with the amount of tension and pressure we face. Please pray for my family. We live together but there is nothing that we do like a family.

    • Oh, Tania, I’m so sad to see this and hope that the prayer ministered to you. Lord, there are so many families like this, who live together but not as a family. Bring this family, and others like it, your healing and hope. Allow each one to acknowledge wrong and to turn to You as the source of right. Help them love each other with humility and purpose. Bring about change as only You can do–in Your holy name I pray, AMEN.

  8. please pray for my family and myself I we are in need of all the prayers ,Thank YOU!!!!

    • Father, touch this family and meet their needs. Thank You for loving them and caring about each detail of their lives. Bless Malinda and let her know of Your presence and power. In Jesus’ name I pray, AMEN.

  9. Hello,

    My husband and I are in desperate need of prayer. For over thirteen very long years, we have been estranged from our only son. He has not been in our lives, (this was not our choice) since his marriage to a manipulative and very controlling women. Our daughter-in-law has hated me all these years for something I had no control over. Before their nuptials, I had been very ill and at the time was going through a series of many surgeries. Because of this, I was unable to attend the wedding. Although, my husband did attend, our son’s wife has held so much bitterness, anger and resentment in her heart and has blamed me for the brokenness of our family.

    Things have only worsened over the last two years when our first grandchild was born. They allowed us to be in his live for three short months, and then with no apparent reason, they ripped him from our lives and refuse to let us see him. We’re unable to make any kind of contact with them because they’ve put our number in call block. In the past, I’ve sent cards and letters, but they’ve always been returned. Although, we are torn with this decision we are not without hope. Our daughter-in-law holds the fact that my husband and I are Christians against us too.

    Please pray for healing and reconciliation for our family. Please also pray that Jeff and Brandy accepts Jesus in their lives.

    Thank you and may God bless.

    • Debbie, I’m so sorry for this painful situation. I am so thankful you and your husband are both followers of Christ–the only One who can sustain you through such challenging times. I am and will be praying for a restoration of your relationship with your son and grandson and a brand-new relationship with your daughter-in-law. May the Lord soften their hearts and allow them to see His love in you. Blessings back to you!

  10. I pray that my family be healed of all the pains, lies and envy. I pray that my mother who is suppose to unite us make stories that angers each of us and end up hating each other. I pray that You touch her heart to feel that she shouldn’t do that, give her the will to understand mine and my siblings situation. Please let her realize that she’s our mother and it is her duty to keep us bonded, that despite the difficulties, there’s no other person who can help her but YOU, please heal her from every envy, anger, hatred and lies in her heart. Please give us back our loving mother, the mother I know when I was a kid, the mother who depends us from any harm, the mother who loves us and my father so much, the mother who taught us not to fabricate stories, please, we need her back, my sister in UAE cries with me as we reminisce those times when she was still the mother we knew then. PLEASE HELP US PRAY FOR OUR FAMILY…

    • I am and will be praying for your family. I am sorry about the pain you are experiencing. Lord, touch this family and bring your healing to them individually and as a unit. Make them one as You and the Father are one. Give them Your peace, Your power, and Your grace to do what is right and good. In Your holy name I pray–AMEN.

  11. Thank you for these words. God bless you and your family.

    • Same back to you, Jessica. Thank you for reading and praying!

  12. Please lord god help my sons and thier families especially my oldest son and his wife I pray and ask your prayers to heal my sons partner from hatred bitterness and anger shez causing problems for my son our grandchildren and me please I ask the The Lord to touch her spirit to be a nicer person don’t let satan win here over the love we hold for our son and grandkids don’t let her poison thier little minds against us the grandparents heal her and my son right now in the name of Jesus amen

    • Joining my prayers with yours, Jackie. Families have so many hard times to face, but God is greater!

  13. Dear God,please bring peace and reconciliation back into my husbands family. His dad hasn’t spoken to us or our children in ten years. He has a large family and his sister and brother have made it worse for us. They have ignored us everyday of our lives. We no longer attend any family functions as it can be too painful for us to accept their bitterness and poison towards us. Help us to heal from this and forgive them. Help his mother find the strength to do what is right. Please remove these burdens from our lives and remove the evil which has taken over his father,brother and sister. Keep us safe from their abuse. Amen

    • I will be praying, too. I’m sad for this tough situation, but may it remind us to pray for you and other broken families. Blessings!

  14. Lord, heal my broken blended family. Seven children need the miracle of Your love and forgiveness in action. Heal this marriage Lord, so that they can see how ‘for worse’ is walked through with You as our shepherd. Have mercy on this church that you brought together. Bring your lost sheep, my husband, their father/step-father, back home. Resurrect this family for nothing is impossible for You. For Your glory. Amen.

    • Praying alongside you, with tender love.

      • Thank you for being God’s knee.

  15. Prayer for David who is on life support ànd Lynn Johnson who is in need of lung transplant. My sister who hasn’t walk in 2 years and my mom

    • Oh, yes, Anita. Lifting these before Him. Thanks for sharing!

  16. Please pray for my husband, daughter, and son. My 17 yr old daughter has been diagnosed with depression. She blows things way out of porportion with her dad and is extreemly slow to forgive. Right now she wont speak to him which cuts him deeply and then he doesnt react well.
    My son has been diagnosed with ODD. His behavior and attitude at times is horrible. He and his sister do not get along. He doesnt always get along with my husband. I am at my wits end. There is so much tearing this family apart. Help. Please. I have been praying daily. Please Lord, heal my family.

    • Praying for your family in this difficult situation. Lord, bring your peace in your way to this family. (I’m sorry; this comment got stuck in my feed and I just now pulled it out. But I will keep praying for your family!)

      • I ask that you would pray for me spiritually and pray for my soul. Pray that the lord will forgive me and that he will let me and family be a whole and make our minds come together and love one another, be kind to each other, and learn to help one another. I need eternal healing and restoration, thank you.

        • I need help my children are distance from each other due to my wrongdoings and not teaching them to be a family they go against each other. I need for them to be for each other. I pray against family bondage, we so need it. Please pray the Lord will forgive me and deliver me from my affliction. I need a miracle healing. Pray he will forgive me for not trusting him with my health. Lord, I thank you and will keep praying. Pray faith, belief, and trust for me. Thank you.

          • Shonta, I am praying for all these requests and will continue. Of course the Lord will forgive you if you ask him, and you are asking. God, give this woman the grace and power she needs to do and keep doing what is right. Please bring her the healing she desires and give her the faith she needs to trust you. Heal her body as well as her family, God, and undo the wrong that sin and Satan have wrought. In your holy name I pray, AMEN.

  17. Thank you for the beautiful prayer.. It has come in handy in my current situation, I have been attacked spiritually by a family member and am praying for peace. There is much bitterness, anger, resentment and hate involved with this issue. I was not a part of it, other than being related. I believe God is using me and I am working to answer His call. It felt like an oppression until I was able to pray, receive Holy Communion, and counsel with a prayer group. There is evil attached that I am combating. Good Wins.

  18. Please pray for my son, my brothers and my dearest father. We are having such strife at this time, and yet I know we all want the same thing; we want our father /grandfather to be happy and safe and live out his final days in peace.

    Lord, Please help each one of us to recognize that we all want our aging father to be happy and safe, and send your healing love and peace among us, so we are united in you and your purpose for us.

    • Praying and asking God to bring peace, unity, and love. Thanks for sharing your family’s need.

  19. please pray for my 17 year old daughter who is very angry, depressed and keep on hurting us, parents and siblings. she stopped believing in God and even rejects being or speaking with my family. she is the youngest of 4 children and so much loved but turned out so cold and hostile to all. she is spending every hour with the boyfriend who seems content that she has control over us and can do what she pleases like staying overnight with him or he can stay at our home as he pleases. if we don´t give in, she always threatens to go to child care or other authorities. please pray that God take control, not she or the boyfriend or other authorities over us.

    • I’m praying and so sorry for these hurts. Lord Jesus, please come to this family in your power. Bring healing, hope, and renewed love for one another. In your name I pray-AMEN.

  20. Please Pray for my family…My son and daughter hate each other. Every time we have a family function there is an argument. This as a mother tears my heart apart. Now my son’s daughter and my daughters are teenagers and now they go back a stir the pot and make matters worse
    I am a very religious person who find my self questioning My Saving Lord as to “why”. I pray so hard for this conflict to end. Please pray for me.

    • God can deal with our whys, Mary. Please know I am joining you in prayer. Lord Jesus, let this family be one as you and the Father are one. Remove their conflict and bring peace to each heart. Allow them to set themselves aside and respond in love to you and to each other. Amen.

  21. For reconciliation between my son and daughter, my son and his daughter, my daughter and myself. Healing and forgiveness for all.

    • I know this is so hard, Janice, and it is clearly not what God intends for our families. God, we ask you to bring your healing grace and reconciliation into this family. May they love one another as you have loved them. In Christ’s name we pray, AMEN.

  22. May I have permission to share this prayer with my peers in a Women’s Bible Study group I lead at my church? There are several women in my group whose families are in need of God’s grace and healing touch.

    • Yes, you may. Incidentally, this is the most-viewed page on my website. I am happy that the prayer ministers to people but sad we have so many families in need of healing. Blessings to you and your group!

  23. Please pray for my family. It is falling apart and I feel helpless. Please pray that my children will be ok theough these difficult times. Pray that my family will be kept together and that if this is not his will that I can be strong and have faith for my children. Thanks

    • I am so sorry, Melinda, and of course I will pray. Father, even though Melinda feels helpless, we know she is placing herself and her family in your hands–and you are strong, powerful, and able to help. Bring your healing grace into this family’s life. Please make a way where there seems to be no way and turn each individual’s heart toward you. Keep them safe and in your name, always–in your name I pray, AMEN.

  24. Lord help us to open our hearts to those in need. I ask this prayer in the name of Jesus, Amen

    • Agreeing in prayer. Thank you!

  25. Please pray for my sisters and I who has always been close to heal our broken relationship. A lot of hurtful words have been said. Our dad just passed away and there has been strife since then. Please pray that all will ask forgiveness and forgiveness will be granted by us all. Thank you!


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