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PRAY: Prayer for Those Who Feel Trapped

Posted by on March 29, 2011 in Pray, trapped | 5 comments

A friend challenged me last week. I’d posted a prayer thought (“Marti Pieper is praying for. . .”) and he commented, “How are you praying?”
Great question. And since my friend’s a longtime journalist, it came as no surprise. But I did have to think for a while before I wrote a brief prayer summary to add to my Facebook page.
That event reminded me of something I’ve thought about for a few weeks now: My brand and blog state my passion to READ.WRITE. PRAY. But for the past few months, I’ve focused so much on regular blogs for the READ and WRITE sections that I’ve neglected to write much about prayer.
Today, I want to apply my friend’s question to another prayer. Throughout the day today, I’m praying for those who feel trapped. So how am I praying? 
No written prayer can express all the communication that take place in prayer. But here’s a hint, an idea, a sampling. And if you have more to add, I’d love to read it—and pray alongside you.
Father God, today I lift before You those who feel trapped. I know traps can occur for many reasons and I know they all bring pain and fear. 
God, please come to these dear ones. Let them know You are in the trap with them, caring for them as no one else. Lord, I ask You to show your power here. Because You have all authority, You can break the trap and free the captive or You can change the trap into a treasure. You can use men, angels, time, and circumstances to carry out your desires. Your kingdom come, Your will be done in and through these traps this day.
You tell us in Your Word that all things work together for good to those who love You and are called according to Your purpose. I pray those who feel trapped would love You—that You would use the trap to draw them near. I pray they would see good in and through this situation they hate and that others would see it as well. May the trap cause many to point to You. 
Our Savior, where the enemy is involved, I ask You to trap him. Bring your power and might to bear on these situations.  Into a trap of illness, bring healing. Into a trap of hatred, bring love. Into a trap of misunderstanding , bring clarity. Into a trap of doubt, bring faith. And into a trap of deceit, please come in your power as the Truth that sets free. 
Thank You for knowing the hearts, circumstances, needs, and desires of any who feel trapped today. Thank You for covering any gaps in our prayers by “ever interceding.” Thank you for being a God who is worthy of our praise and adoration. May we be captured by Your love and trapped by Your grace, grace that comes through the mighty name of Jesus in which I pray this day. AMEN. 

Please remember to add your prayers or ideas here as well. And thanks for reading and praying alongside me.


  1. Marti:
    I love when you share your prayers with us. I miss hearing your prayers. My prayers are never so poetic, not sure that is the word I am looking for. I just think they are beautiful. I am glad that God hears and answers all prayers that come from the heart. Somedays I feel like my day is full of what I call mini prayers. I am sure God loves those days when I include Him in all I do instead of those days when He only hears from me 4 or 5 times. Thank you for sharing and thank you for being one of my prayer warriors that I can always call on.

  2. Marti,
    I just love the above prayer and thank you so much for praying for my Ginger. I am sure that she feels trapped and only God can free her. Your prayer is so meaning full. I too say many mini prayers all through my day and try to take time to include prayer requests, and prayers that the Holy Spirit puts on my heart. What a good question…”How are you praying?”…I will have to think of that as I pray…You are a precious person and I feel blessed to know you.
    God Bless You Always, in you work and just being you…Love in Christ, Dottie

  3. How sweet to come here after a busy day and find such kind comments from friends!I love long prayers and mini-prayers and all kinds of prayers and am sure Jesus does, too. Thanks to you both for your encouragement; you are precious sisters-in-Him.

  4. Marti,
    Amen. That was beautiful. The Holy Spirit shines through you!

  5. Thanks, Kelli. You’re more than kind!

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