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YA Friday: READ–Vote for SUSIE Magazine

Posted by on March 9, 2012 in Read, SUSIE Magazine | 0 comments

How many people have the privilege of pursuing a job they love? I don’t know the answer to that question, but I do know how grateful I am that my writing provides both income and joy.

My work with SUSIE Magazine brings an extra measure of blessing since it includes writing for and about some of my favorite people: teens. And the missions trips I’ve taken in my role with SUSIE Mag (to Guatemala, Ecuador, and this summer—Panama) only add to my enjoyment of this connection.

SUSIE’s making a strong bid to obtain a spot Wal-Mart via a month-long campaign entitled “Get On the Shelf.” Fans may vote twice daily—once via text (text 4959 to 383838) and once via Facebook. And in case you’re not sure about that vote, I now present my 

Spiritual: SUSIE presents a healthy, Christ-centered perspective on anything pertinent to girls ages 11-19 and beyond.

Unique: SUSIE is the only print publication focused exclusively on teen girls and written from a Christian perspective.

Supportive: SUSIE includes a powerful online component known as the Gloal Sisterhood at

Insightful: SUSIE gives young women the privilege of hearing from experts in the fields of theology, practical living, beauty, health, fashion, and more.

Excellent: Take one look at SUSIE and you’ll agree. The writing, photography, graphics, and design make this magazine a standout.

Won’t you vote—and keep voting—to put SUSIE on the shelves at Wal-Mart? A print product matched to this store’s huge customer base could have boundless potential.

Just like the teens who read the magazine.

How has SUSIE Magazine touched your life or your family? I’d love to have your feedback and will pass it on to SUSIE editor/founder, the real-life Susie Shellenberger.

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