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YA Friday: READ Review, Pure Love, Pure Life by Elsa Kok Colopy

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Another book about purity? Seriously?

That may be the lie the enemy plants in your mind when you read the title of Elsa Kok Colopy’s new book, Pure Love, Pure Life: Exploring God’s Heart on Purity. 

How do I know it’s a lie? Because I know teens. Because I know adults. Because I know the stories of broken hearts and bad relationships, of fear and failure, of marriages set on a shaky foundation because of past sin. And because I believe God intends us to have so much more.

As a MOPS author and former editor for Focus on the Family’s Thriving Family magazine, Elsa Cok Colopy has a direct line to the impact purity—or the lack of it—has on marriages, families, and personal life. She also knows how to speak to teens and young adults. As she opens her heart, readers reap the blessings of her transparent, encouraging style.

Instead of focusing on checklists or rules, Colopy points readers towards God’s desire that our lives express His heart. Since true purity comes from within, she helps readers focus on the attitudes behind their actions, adding plenty of practical tips and real-life examples along the way.

Freedom shines through this book which covers more “what-if” questions and individual situations than I anticipated. Each chapter ends with a set of discussion/journal questions appropriate for individual and/or small group study. I especially loved the final chapter, which sets forth all kinds of appropriate ways readers can pour out their passion as part of the pure life God intends.

Another book on purity? One that both challenges you and equips you to live the life you long for? Check it out!

FROM THE AUTHOR:  Wednesday, January 18, 2012, is your day to take a stand! This is way more than saying “No” to all the things you need to avoid. Pure Life Day is all about the amazing things you can say “Yes” to—your incredible God, good friends and loving other people with a crazy-generious heart. Visit to sign the Pure Life pledge, joining others who have already committed to this exciting vision for pure living. Signing the pledge will also enter you into a drawing to receive a Pure Life T-shirt and a signed copy of the Pure Love, Pure Life book. 

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(FTC disclaimer: I received an electronic advance reading copy of this book free from the author. I was not required to post a review or a positive response).

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