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WRITE: It Began with a Whisper

Posted by on September 22, 2011 in agent, Rebeca Seitz, Reclaim Management, Steve Feldman, WRITE | 7 comments

It began with a whisper. “Set up an appointment. Have a conversation.”

I noticed her the year before at the Florida Christian Writers Conference. In fact, I attended a panel on which she served. I liked her direct manner, her easy laugh, her knowledge of the industry. But her role as a publicist didn’t mesh with mine as ghost- or collaborative writer. She’s also an author, so I spoke to her briefly about how much I enjoyed her books. A quick connection. A new Facebook friend. No genuine relationship.

That spring, I was pushing. Many of my writer and author friends felt I needed an agent, someone to advocate on my behalf and handle the business side of my writing career. It sounded like a smart move (although I’ve learned a lot, I’m driven more by heart than business savvy), and I wanted to heed wise counsel. So I looked. And set up appointments with agents. And pushed.

And in the end, nothing happened. Oh, one agent offered to sign me. I respected that individual, but it wasn’t a good fit. And after the conference, I sensed God’s direction to stop pushing and wait on Him.

So I did. Over the next few months, I taught at two conferences but had no agent appointments or agent-seeking conversations. God kept bringing work. I stayed busy. I navigated a few more business deals. “I can do this,” I thought. “I don’t like it, but I can do it. God will give me the strength.”

And He did. But in March 2011, at the same Florida conference, it began with a whisper. “Have a conversation,” He said. And, as you can guess, I did.

In the space of fifteen minutes, God did amazing things. No, I didn’t leave the conference as an agented author. But I had an engaging conversation with a fellow industry professional—the same one I’d admired the year before. I knew she and a partner had combined talents to produce a distinctive new management company. We discovered some names and projects in common. And she agreed that I needed representation—although she wasn’t sure who should fill that role.

“I’ll know in a week,” she told me. Publishing time reminds me of God’s time, where one day is as a thousand years. Before all the questions and conversations came together, July had all but ended. And that’s when I gained a new family at Reclaim Management, headed by the creative team of Steve Feldman (producer, director, and Renaissance man) and Rebeca Seitz (publicist, author, and all-around miracle worker).

Reclaim’s commitment to produce “stories that matter” matches my own. I’m not (so far) a novelist, but I have an artist’s eye, passion, and desire. My sensitivity and perception help make me a powerful intercessor and a tender writer. But those same qualities also mean business details drain me. They stifle my creativity and slash my joy. And if I’m not careful, they keep me from hearing the whispers.

As I write, I want to keep listening. I want to keep telling the stories and putting words together in ways that make a difference. I’m both honored and blessed to have Reclaim’s wise counsel and guidance. With my new managers on my side, I’m free to do the work He’s gifted me to do.

And to listen to the whispers.

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  1. Congratulations!
    Your experience reminds me of I Kings 19:11-12.
    I wonder how many times I have missed the Lord’s movement in my life because I wasn’t paying attention to the whispers? Sigh. Live and learn!

  2. I loved this post.

    So glad to have you for an agent-mate or whatever it is we are. Looking forward to getting to know you a bit better in a few weeks.

    And isn’t it wonderful to be able to rest in God’s timing all of this? Because you are right about publishing time being God’s time. He can whisk us from one place to another like he did with Philip, but doggone if he doesn’t usually make us trudge those dusty roads simply because there’s so much we need to learn along the way about his provision and love for us.

  3. Thanks to you both. The affirmation of my comrades-in-arms means so much. And Sally, of course you are right. I’m still traveling that dusty road–and listening.

  4. Awesome news and as always, wonderful blog. Celebrating with you from South Dakota!

  5. Thanks, Kay. Enjoy your vacation! And come back to Florida soon so you can meet cool writers like Ava (above).

  6. Marti,
    This is wonderful news! You have such a talent and such a heart to share with others. I’m happy for you that God opened the door at just the right time. Blessings on your new adventure.

  7. Thank you so much, Kelli. I appreciate your words of affirmation and encouragement. Hope your writing is going well, too!

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