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WRITE: Interview with Arlene Pellicane

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Arlene Pellicane is a writer, speaker, and author of the new book 31 Days to a Younger You: No Surgery, No Diets, No Kidding (Harvest House, 2010). 
Before becoming a stay-at-home mom, Arlene worked as the Associate Producer for Turning Point Television with Dr. David Jeremiah. She has also been an on-air features producer for The 700 Club.  Arlene earned her BA from Biola University and her Masters in Journalism from Regent University. 
Arlene knows the ups and downs of pregnancy (she was pregnant five times in six years in her thirties). She created a website Losing Weight After Baby to encourage moms. There you’ll find her audiobook Losing Weight After Baby: 31 Days to a New You, plus videos, articles, and eBooks.  

Arlene loves speaking to women at moms’ groups, seminars, and retreats.  Arlene lives in Southern California with her husband, James, and three children, Ethan, Noelle, and Lucy. 

Have fitness and beauty been longtime interests for you? How did you move into your current role?
Growing up, I was never an athlete, health nut, or gym rat, so I’m living proof that you can choose to make some positive changes at any age. About 7 years ago, my husband’s employer provided a workout room and personal trainer and that was a turning point for us. We started exercising and eating healthier – it was just a 30 day challenge at first. We felt so great after one month, we were hooked! 
You share a number of personal stories in 31 Days to a Younger You. Does this transparency come naturally?
Yes, that comes naturally. I love sharing stories from my own life. Stories bridge people together – we can relate to one another through our shared experiences.  
Your previous book, Losing Weight after Baby, has ministered to many moms. Whom do you hope to reach with 31 Days?  
I’d love to reach women in their 40s and beyond. I was so encouraged by a 70-something year old lady who said she was getting ready to go out and she kept saying to herself, “Think young, think young” which was from a story in the book. My hope is that ladies will be refreshed and have new hope that their best days are ahead. 
If you could give your readers a personal word before they open your book, what would you say?
You are so beautiful.  s you read this book, may that thought permeate every page.  ake the themes that touch your life and make sure to complete the action steps that correspond with them. Unfortunately, putting the book under your pillow won’t help the bags under your eyes and aching back, but acting on what you read will turn back the clock.  
You had encouragement for your writing and speaking from a mentor, author and speaker Pam Farrel. Can you tell readers a bit about that relationship?
I heard Pam speak several years ago.   mustered up my courage and stood in line to speak with her. I told her about my professional experience and manuscript. I couldn’t believe my ears when she said she had a group of women she mentored. Pam championed me, showed me the ropes, gave me advice – her friendship and vote of confidence have meant so much. She intentionally invests in future authors which is amazing!      
For our readers who write, please share the best writing advice you’ve received.
Attend writers conferences. You’ll learn more about writing, but you’ll also learn about publishing and marketing which are equally important if you want to be published. You will learn faster and gain more understanding if you network with others who are further down the road than you. 
Is there something else you’d like to tell potential readers that I haven’t asked you?
When you’re young, even the little things in life are fun. Getting a scoop of ice cream. Going with a parent on a work errand. Singing in a kids choir at church. We can take a cue from kids and savor these simple moments in life too. 

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