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WRITE: Florida Christian Writers Conference

Posted by on September 28, 2011 in Florida Christian Writers Conference, WRITE, writers conference | 3 comments


Where can I find help to polish my novel?

  I’ve heard of book proposals, but the thought of writing one overwhelms me. Where can I get help?

 I’d love to submit articles to a magazine, but I don’t know a thing about the process. How can I learn?

            I think I’m ready for an agent. Where do I find one?

           The idea of marketing my book scares me to death. Can I get lessons?
            I’ve always wanted to write, but life got in the way. How can I get started?

As a writer, editor, and mentor of writers, I’ve heard various forms of all these questions—all with the same answer. I find myself giving it in different ways to almost every writer or writer wannabe I know: Go to a writer’s conference. The best place to get started is a writer’s conference. You’ll get expert advice and instruction at a writer’s conference.

Today, I want to highlight an event I’ve grown to love, the wonderful FloridaChristian Writers Conference. March 1-4, 2012 marks its 25th anniversary. I’m giving you plenty of notice on this one because you’ll want to pray about attending. 
As you do, you may want to read my first blog about the conferencewhen I attended back in 2010. Or you may want to note the following facts provided by conference director Billie Wilson:

The Florida Christian Writers Conference offers:

·                     Appointments with Agents and Editors

·                     Manuscript Submission to Agents & Editors 

·                     7 Continuing Classes (6 hours of instruction in a genre)

·                     Mentoring Tracks limited to 10 participants in each track – take place during Continuing Class time

§  Fiction Project  – Eva Marie Everson, Ken Kuhlken  

§  Nonfiction Project – Janis Whipple

§  Writing for Children – Christine Tangvald, Carol Wedeven

·                     72 Elective Workshops

·                     12 “After Hours” Workshops

Scholarships: To apply for all scholarships please email a brief bio, financial situation and a snippet of your current writing project. We are grateful that Cecil Murphey has made scholarships available from the Cecil Murphey Scholarship Fund.

Cash Awards: Manuscripts submitted are considered for an award in the following categories:  Poetry, Drama/Screenwriting, Children’s Book or Short Story, Curriculum , Short Story for Teens or Adults , Article, Devotional, Novel, Non-Fiction Book, Best Work for a First Time Conferee plus Writer of the Year Award of $200 from WinePress Publishing Group.

The conference provides some additional benefits in the form of its beautiful central Florida setting at the Lake Yale Conference Center; delicious meals (including a full salad bar at lunch and dinner); and the opportunity to build relationships with writers, authors, agents, editors, and others in workshop, meal, and other settings. I’ll serve on the faculty as I represent SUSIE Magazine and teach some workshops, too.

For more information:

Have you attended this conference? What would you say to someone considering it for 2012? And if you’re one of those still thinking about it, share your questions. I hope to see you there!

Also, I’m trying out a new look for my blog. Any thoughts? 


  1. A very interesting theme. I’ve never seen anything like it. I like the flip card one, best, I think. But they are all interesting. very cool.

  2. I think maybe Blogger is trying to look more like WordPress? Maybe? I like the way this one shows snapshots of the blogs with pictures–more interesting than a long list, I think.

  3. Looks great! I have such good memories of Lake Yale. I posted about the conference on the Finish Well FB page:

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