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READ: When You Can’t Find God by Linda Evans Shepherd

Posted by on June 3, 2011 in Read, When You Can't Find God | 5 comments

God will take care of you.” “Just trust Him.” “He’s got you in His hands.” “God never closes a door but He opens a window.” “He’s got something better for you—wait and see.” These statements carry varying degrees of truth. But all are pat answers—trite statements that lose their meaning because we use them so often.

As a mother whose now-adult daughter suffered severe brain damage in a car accident more than twenty years ago, Linda Shepherd could  write the book on pat answers. I’m thankful she didn’t. Her new release, When You Can’t Find God: How to Ignite the Power of His Presence (Revell, 2011) explores the mystery of experiencing the holy in the hurt. 

The book combines biblical, practical teaching with powerful, personal stories that help draw readers toward God. Highlighted callouts and chapter-ending features including “Oasis” (a Psalm or other avenue for finding and resting in God) and “Prayer Experience” (the author’s own prayer to pray or adapt) point readers to the Father. Each chapter also contains a link to a brief video (check them out at, “Chapter Videos”) in which the author shares a teaching on an important chapter concept. The book ends with a section of discussion questions suitable for personal or small group use.

When I’m hurting, I need a friend—not an expert. When I’m confused, I need truth—not the enemy’s lies. When I’m in pain, I need a healing dose of Holy Spirit power—not pat answers or pious platitudes. When You Can’t Find God, with its warm, compassionate tone, contains all three. 

Read it and receive an inoculation against pat answers. Embrace it and allow the Truth to set you free.

Could you or a friend use the insights this book offers? Add a brief explanation in your comment (use your name only, not your friend’s) before midnight on Sunday, June 5, 2011. If I draw your name, I’ll send you my review copy to share (US addresses only, please). If your browser won’t allow you to comment, send an email instead using the “contact” link to the right.

PAM is the winner of my review copy! I’ll be in touch to get your mailing address, Pam. Thanks to those who entered and happy summer!


  1. Yes, both myself and a friend could use the insights of this book. I have been through so much, husband divorcing me after 25 years, 2nd husband dying shortly after our 8 year anniversary with a brain tumor, breast cancer, and the list goes on. My friend has suffered with breast cancer and the loss of her husband after a second marriage lasting only 5 1/2 years. Thank you for the chance to win this book. Blessings, Judy

  2. You’re welcome, Judy. Jesus said that in this world we would have trouble, and He was right, wasn’t He? I’ll post the winner’s name on Monday. Thanks so much.

  3. Hi Marti, That book sounds very intriguing to me..especially since the title of my blog is “Closed Doors, Open Windows.” However, even though the saying may be one of those “pat answers”, nevertheless I have found it to be very true in my life and in the testimony of others. I am in the midst of experiencing another of those “closed doors”, and am actively seeking and expecting God to “open a window” of blessing and opportunity at any moment. I don’t know what it will be, but my life’s experience in my journey with Christ tells me that it will open. Of course, I’d like it to be in my time and with my stipulations, but again, I’ve learned that trusting God to provide in His time and within His divine plan is always for my best. I would love to read this book. It sounds very comforting and encouraging. Thank you for sharing it with us today.

  4. You’re welcome, Pam, and thanks for the comment. I certainly wasn’t thinking about your blog when I used those words. As I wrote, one of the reasons those statements become pat answers is because they often contain truth. We are in a new season of trusting as well. I’ll enter your name in the drawing. Thank you again.

  5. And in case you missed it above–PAM is our winner! Thanks to those who entered via comment or email. I’ll have another great book to share soon.

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