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READ: SUSIE Magazine: Get Out the Vote!

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I’ve never reposted my own blogs. But today, I have a special reason to do so.

SUSIE Magazine has reached the finals (top ten of more than 4,000 products) of a unique competition to Get on the Shelf at Wal-Mart. For weeks, readers and supporters have been voting by text (4959 to 383838) and Facebook in support of the magazine.

Today, I’m sharing a portion of a blog I wrote last month as a final plea to vote for SUSIE and encourage others to vote, too. Even if you’re not a teen girl, please read it—and vote for SUSIE. Even if you don’t have a teen girl in your home, please read it—and vote for SUSIE. 
Read. Vote. And share the opportunity!


Spiritual: SUSIE presents a healthy, Christ-centered perspective on anything pertinent to girls ages 11-19 and beyond.

Unique: SUSIE is the only print publication focused exclusively on teen girls and written from a Christian perspective.

Supportive: SUSIE includes a powerful online component known as the Gloal Sisterhood at

Insightful: SUSIE gives young women the privilege of hearing from experts in the fields of theology, practical living, beauty, health, fashion, and more.
Excellent: Take one look at SUSIE and you’ll agree. The writing, photography, graphics, and design make this magazine a standout.

Won’t you vote—and keep voting—to put SUSIE on the shelves at Wal-Mart? A print product matched to this store’s huge customer base could have boundless potential.

Just like the teens who read the magazine.
The magazine matters because the teens matter. As I heard not long ago from a wise pastor: young people are not the future of the church. Young people are the church.
Thanks for reading—and getting out the vote.

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