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READ: Review, The Wedding Dress by Rachel Hauck

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Tomboy or girly-girl, traditional or contemporary, silk or denim—almost every little girl dreams of, hopes for, and plans for her wedding day. But Charlotte Malone takes her childhood dreams to adult proportions. As the owner of a Birmingham bridal boutique, she helps brides find not just any gown, but the perfect gown, an ideal match for each style, taste, and budget.
So why is Charlotte having so much trouble choosing a gown of her own? When she purchases a vintage dress locked in an antique trunk, she—and the dress—begin an adventure filled with hope, romance, and more than a hint of mystery. As she learns more about the dress and the women who have worn it, she discovers more about herself as well.
Without missing a step, the author dances between Charlotte’s modern-day story and those of the three other brides who wore the dress. Although I’ve read and enjoyed several of Rachel Hauck’s books, The Wedding Dress, a recent RITA award nominee, has become my new favorite. 
Discerning readers will want to spend time examining the metaphor behind a timeless dress that fits everyone who tries it on and never wears out. Read The Wedding Dressand join Charlotte in celebrating both bride and Bridegroom.
Tom and Marti, 8/6/83
Find this book on Amazon, at Barnes & Noble, or at Christian Book Distributors.
Did you acquire your wedding dress in an unusual way? Mine was a $100 clearance rack special, but I wore it with as much joy as a designer exclusive. 
Feel free to leave a comment to tell us about your wedding dress—or something else that relates to this sweet story. And watch  for a Words with Friends interview with novelist Rachel Hauck, coming soon!  


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