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READ: Review, The Plan a Woman in a Plan B World by Debbie Taylor Williams

Posted by on April 20, 2010 in Debbie Taylor Williams, Plan A Woman in a Plan B World, Read | 2 comments

Cancer diagnosis. Financial reversals. Death of a child. Job loss. Marital betrayal.

We plan for few—if any—of these situations. So what do we do when they confront us? Author, speaker, and Bible teacher Debbie Taylor Williams tackles this question and more in her new book, The Plan A Woman in a Plan B World (Leafwood Publishers, 2010). Powerful stories, personal examples, and sound biblical exposition fill the pages of this practical, inspirational volume.

Williams begins with the accurate premise that, in a fallen world, reality’s hammer often shatters our crystalline dreams. Down-to-earth and sympathetic, the author offers her readers no excuses. Instead, she suggests ways to transform life’s Plan B into the abundant life God intends for every believer.

In “Live Out Loud,” the book’s extended first section, Williams avoids pat answers as she helps readers tackle what she calls “land mines” (wrong thinking) and replace them with the truths of Scripture. Two brief final sections cover the importance of both relationships (“Love Out Loud”) and humor (“Laugh Out Loud”). One chapter contains a complete set of discussion starters, thoughtful questions matched to each chapter that are ideal for either individual or small group consideration.

As I wrote this review, a power outage shut down my computer. It lasted mere seconds but caused me to readjust my schedule as I waited for the computer to restart and the programs to load. This minor Plan B served as a tangible reminder of the unexpected changes our lives often include. The Plan A Woman in a Plan B World helps prepare readers move from groans to grace—and victory.

What about you? Have you lived as a Plan A woman (or man) in a Plan B World? What has God taught you through the Plan Bs? Let’s talk.


  1. My copy of this book should arrive any day. Your review has made me especially eager to read it since everyone experiences plan-changes multiple times throughout life.

  2. I agree, Cathy. And sometimes we want to make God’s plans for Him! Enjoy the book.

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