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READ: Review, The Me Project by Kathi Lipp

Posted by on February 23, 2011 in Christian living, Kathi Lipp, Me Project, Read | 5 comments

She had me at the title: The Me Project: 21 Days to Living the Life You’ve Always Wanted (Harvest House, 2011). 

Wait a minute! What’s a self-centered title like this doing in the Christian living section? It’s not all about me, is it?
The short answer: Kathi Lipp‘s book is all about me (or you) because it helps readers explore the desires God’s implanted in our hearts. And that makes it a great match for life as he intends it.
Author Lipp, a retreat and conference speaker already known for The Husband Project and The Marriage Project, presents a warm blend of transparent humor, practical advice, and godly encouragement in a power-packed volume. As she explains it, The Me Project is the book she’s always wanted to write, “a 21-day guide for dreaming some dreams about your life and then setting some goals to make one of those dreams a reality.” Its existence, she says, flows from her desire to assist others in pursuing the specific plans God has for them.

I especially loved The Me Projects concentrated focus. The author’s suggestion of what she calls a 50/50 journal allows readers to list multiple goals and pick one to achieve over the next twenty-one days or more. She encourages them to seek God about this goal and then pursue it with time hard work, imagination, and accountability.

Lipp lays out the twenty-one days as both chapters and “projects” with help ranging from a brief explanation to creative ideas to a brief prayer. I haven’t had this book long enough to test it out, but I appreciate the fun way it helps readers break down goals or dreams into bite-sized, achievable pieces. 
Do you have unfulfilled dreams or goals? Read The Me Project  and look at yourself—and the plans for which God’s designed you—in a new and achievable way. 
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  1. OK – how much do I love the first line of your review? I have to tell you I STRUGGLED with the title of the book, (being a good Christian girl.)

    Thanks for your thoughtful review – love that you “get it”.

  2. Kathi, You’re so kind. I hate it that (as I saw on your Facebook) some women have felt guilty for having/reading the book. That proves your point, does it not?

    I was honored to read and review your work. Thank you, and you’re welcome!

  3. Sounds great! Appreciate your review, Marti.

  4. Thanks, Sue. I actually thought of you and a certain marathon while I read this!

  5. The title: EXACTLY the problem I had at first. But I didn’t want to say anything in my WRITE comment for fear of jeopardizing my chances at the Starbucks prize. Am I sick or what?

    After reading your review, Marti, I’d like to see this book even more. The 21 Day exercise sounds like a great Lenten discipline or a 21-Day Daniel fast discipline.

    Is it available on the Kindle? Yes! It is!

    Thanks for the insightful review.

    ~Wendy Leech

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