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READ: Review, Following God One Yes at a Time

Posted by on March 15, 2011 in Connie Cavanaugh, Following God One Yes at a Time, Read | 4 comments

“Now, that’s a great title,” my husband commented. I agree.
But wait—there’s more. Author, speaker, and humorist Connie Cavanaugh’s latest book goes beyond its catchy label to offer personal, practical truth.
Following God One Yes At A Time: Overcoming the 6 Barriers That Hold You Back (Harvest House, 2011) is no spiritualized self-help tome. Instead, Cavanaugh offers readers biblical wisdom and godly insights spiced with inspirational stories. Combined, these move readers toward surrender to God’s desires and an understanding of how to reach them.
The author lightens a heavy topic with her transparency about the ups and downs of her own spiritual journey. As she gains access to readers’ lives, she serves less as teacher or expert and more as funny companion, guide, and friend. Like the subjects of her stories, readers will learn to embrace grace as they see its power displayed.
If you long for more in your walk with Christ or feel blocked from true intimacy with him, allow Connie Cavanaugh to help you draw near. She may be the author, but the Finisher pervades this fresh, fun volume in ways words can’t express.
Read this book and experience God. That’s a gift even a great title can’t explain.

Would you like to win my review copy of this book? Leave a comment before midnight Thursday, March 17, that shares the book (Bible excluded) that’s helped you grow most in your walk with God. Include a link or e-mail address. (I’ll mail to U.S. or Canada this time in honor of Connie, who lives in Alberta.)


  1. Book that has helped me grow most in my walk with God? What’s So Amazing About Grace by Philip Yancey.

    Yes, enter me!

  2. You’re in! Thanks, Laura. I love Yancey’s writing, too.

  3. I’d have to say it was Packer’s Knowing God. But it’s a hard question because that was very early on. At different times God has given me different books to fill my needs.

  4. I need to reread that book, Sally. Thanks for sharing!

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