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Posted by on September 8, 2010 in breast cancer, Finding Hope for Your Journey Through Breast Cancer, Read, Yvonne Ortega | 5 comments

Breast cancer. It’s the diagnosis nobody wants. It’s the diagnosis an estimated 1.3 million women worldwide receive each year. And it’s the diagnosis doctors gave Yvonne Ortega back in 2001.

A popular speaker and certified counselor, Yvonne practiced the writer’s version of “When life gives you lemons, make lemonade.” When life gave her cancer, she wrote a book. In fact, many of the sixty devotionals contained within the pages of Finding Hope for Your Journey through Breast Cancer were written during her treatment and recovery period.

The book’s format makes it a perfect match for battle-weary soldiers facing their own cancer wars. Each devotional contains a “Hope Builder” (a single Scripture verse or brief passage), key verse (quoted in full for easy reference), and one- to two-page devotional that ends with a brief prayer. Since the book moves chronologically through the author’s personal cancer journey, readers will identify with many of the emotions, experiences, and challenges she faces along the way.

Yvonne’s performed a great service in the brief yet meaningful format of each piece. Readers can read a little—and gain a lot. The book’s primary strength, however, lies in the transparency the author brings to her subject. Writers—especially those who write from the perspective of faith—often fall prey to the temptation to make ourselves appear godly, righteous, and holier-than-thou. Ms. Ortega’s honesty about her moments of despair and days of doubt both endear her to her readers and add credence to the biblical, practical wisdom she shares.

Because of Jesus, there is hope for your journey through breast cancer. Because of Yvonne Ortega, there is an attractive, thoughtful, and personal way to find it.

BONUS: Please do as I intend and share this book with a friend or family member who’s traversing the cancer experience. And watch for my interview with Yvonne, coming soon in the “Write” portion of this blog.

Most of those who follow Read.Write.Pray know of the passion God’s given me for prayer. Do you know someone facing breast or another form of cancer? Share (first names only, please) in the comments so we can share prayers along with words. I’d appreciate prayers for my friend Sally—first on the list.


  1. My friend, Carol, who has just been diagnosed with breast cancer.

  2. I’m glad to know there is a current book you would recommend. When I walked through breast cancer 16 years ago, I found a book that I continue to suggest, but it’s becoming harder and harder to find. Thanks, my friend, for sharing this post.

  3. I will pray for Carol. Edwina, you probably met Yvonne at the Florida Christian Writers Conference. You share more than one sisterhood!

  4. Pray for Diane who recently underwent surgery for breast cancer.

  5. Lifting up Diane right now!

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