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READ: Introducing Sexy Christians and the Sexy Christians Workbook

Posted by on March 1, 2010 in Read, Sexy Christians | 2 comments

Today’s a special day. It marks the release of two books by some people who have become my dear friends. Dr. Ted and Diane Roberts of Pure Desire Ministries International have an amazing conference ministry along with wise teaching that flows from years of pastoral and counseling experience.

And yes, I have a professional interest in these projects, too. Here’s what Ted says in the Acknowledgments: “Marti Pieper took our simple literary efforts and transformed them into something God will use as an instrument to heal thousands of marriages.” I was blessed to assist these authors and, although I can’t review the work, I do want to share the covers and official descriptions with you today.

Congratulations, Ted and Diane! For more information, check out their website at or

PRODUCT DESCRIPTIONS: Sexy Christians: The Purpose, Power, and Passion of Biblical Intimacy and the Sexy Christians Workbook by Dr. Ted and Diane Roberts (Baker Books, 2010)

“Sexy Christians.” The phrase sounds like an oxymoron, but God never intended it to be. Sexual fulfillment is, in fact, God’s idea. Yet many Christians seem to think the more spiritual they are, the less sexual they will be, and the more sexual they are, the less spiritual they will be. Dr. Ted and Diane Roberts want to turn this thinking on its head.

Readers will learn why men and women see sex differently, what the greatest aphrodisiac is, and how to avoid the most lethal killer to a great sex life. The authors also explore what men’s and women’s sexual needs are and why they are so different, what sex is all about from God’s perspective, and what the differences are between male and female sexual response cycles. End-of-chapter questions encourage couples to apply the book’s principles at home.

Readers and groups can go a step further with the Sexy Christians Workbook. Loaded with additional content, this workbook is designed to challenge couples to explore the rewarding work of intimacy.


  1. So amazing Marti. I hope one day you can write a foreward in my book, if I ever get the chance to publish one. To have you edit it would be ten times better!

  2. Thanks, Brock. You are kind as always!

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