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Prayer for Those Who Need Peace and Comfort

Posted by on May 21, 2013 in Uncategorized | 6 comments


Photograph © Andrew Pieper, 2012

Sunday evening, a dear friend’s wife passed into eternity following a massive stroke. Cec and Shirley were married for 57 years. I haven’t figured out a way to hold a hand or send a hug via cyberspace, but that’s what I want to do. As much as he and I love words, my friend and his family don’t need them right now.

In the same ways I ache for my friend, I hurt for those affected by the terrible storms in Oklahoma. Again, no words seem adequate, beneficial, or necessary. But I know my heart has been turned to the Father since the reports started coming in, just as it was turned toward the Father when I first learned of Shirley’s stroke.

I invite you to join your prayers and heart with mine:

God of all comfort, today we come to You once again without words. We trust You when we hurt. We look to You even when we don’t understand. And this day, we bring our dear ones to You.

We come to you today as Emmanuel, asking You to be near to those who are hurting. Touch them in ways they can feel, know, and understand. We come to you as Healer, asking You to touch each life with tenderness and power. We come to You as Redeemer, asking You to pour grace upon grief and truth across terror. We come to You as Father and Friend, asking You to carry and sustain those who can bear no more. 

Oh God, we read that Your mercies are over all Your works. Cover these dear ones with Your mercy today. Lighten the load of those who face terrible tasks. Ease the pain of those who face the unspeakable. Make Yourself known to those who don’t know You. And grant each one Your peace that passes understanding. Deliver them from evil. Protect them, strengthen them, and keep them in Your name—the mighty name of Jesus in which I pray with tears, AMEN. 

If you have words of comfort or specific prayer needs, feel free to post them here. Thank you for sharing and praying.


  1. Marti – praying with you for these deep needs, dear sister. A beautiful reminder that God is with us, our Emmanuel . . . in these despairing times . .

    • Verna, Thank you so much. I know He is hearing our prayers and answering in love.

  2. Was hoping you would find the words when I can’t seem to. Praying with you!

    • I don’t think any of us have words right now. The best news is that He is praying, too–and holding them close.

  3. Thank you Marti…your words express what my heart feels! Praying with you.

    • Thank you, Susan. And YOUR words (“praying with you”) express one of the main goals of these posts. Hugs!

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