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Prayer for Those Who Have Betrayed Him

Posted by on April 15, 2014 in Pray, Uncategorized | 0 comments

622695_4845030811823_373319569_oThis week, I’m rereading the Passion accounts in all four of the gospels. And each day, I’m posting a prayer that relates to my reading in some way. Yesterday, I read of the woman who anointed Jesus for burial, so my prayer was for those who are pouring out their offerings. Today, I read of the betrayal of Jesus by one of His own.

How must it have felt for Jesus to know his own trusted disciple was trading His life for thirty pieces of silver? How must it have felt to break bread with one who had such darkness in his heart? How must it feel today for Jesus to keep loving, serving, and giving to me when I turn away from Him at the slightest opportunity?

When I pray for those who have betrayed Him, I’m praying for you. I’m praying for me. Will you join me?

Father, the word “betrayal” carries such a dark burden. It implies a breaking of trust, a turning away from a relationship. And how often have I done that with You?

Loving Lord, I know I have betrayed You with my words. Like Judas, I’ve allowed lines to leave my mouth that do not reflect Your heart. I’ve said what first popped into my head rather than waiting to measure it against Your standard. I’ve lied. I’ve cared more for my own reputation than for the truth. Forgive me. Forgive those who are like me. Walk with me into the future and teach me to lift up Your life and truth.

Gracious God, I have also betrayed You with my actions. I’ve moved away from You and toward the enemy. I’ve acted as though You were not in charge. I’ve run with what I wanted rather than consulting or considering You. Forgive me. Forgive those who are like me. Teach us to deny not You but ourselves and our own heedless, helpless way. Grant us the grace to keep seeking after You.

Sovereign Savior, help us who betray You without considering the depth of our actions, who deny You without counting the cost of our choices. Grant us Your grace that allows us to keep You at the forefront of our thoughts. Help us to put You first and ourselves last. Teach us know You in a deeper way, our Lord and our God, as we walk with You through this week where we remember your gift to us of living, dying, and rising from the dead. In Your holy name I pray—AMEN.

I know you have betrayed Him, too—but even reading this prayer is evidence that your heart is turning toward Him. Feel free to share your prayer need or praise in a comment below or in an email through the “Contact” link above. I’m honored to lift you before Him.


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