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PRAY: Praying for Those who are Sent

Posted by on August 22, 2013 in Uncategorized | 2 comments

Among my friends, I count many missionaries—those who go and tell in obedience to God’s calling. Some do short-term mission trips of a few weeks or months. Some serve for longer periods, giving their lives in His service. Some bear missionary as an official title, and others (whether in the States or overseas) live as missionaries not by job description, but by calling.

And all of these are sent. For you, I offer today’s prayer:

Lord of all, You are ever gracious to call us to follow You. Thank You for Your whispers. Thank You for Your nudges. And thank You for the compelling force of Your Spirit that says, “Come, follow Me.”

Thank You for calling us to Yourself, and thank You that calling involves sending, too. Thank You that Your sending does not rest on qualifications, status, experience, or titles, but a relationship based on truth. Thank You for modeling a sent life. And thank You, too, for showing us that to be sent is also to die.

Lord, I pray for the many deaths the sent ones encounter: death to selfish desires, death to personal gain, death to status, death to recognition, and death to control. Please, merciful Father, bring life from each death, love from each loss, and fruit from each failing. Use the weaknesses of each sent one to display your strength.

I praise You for your sending. I honor You as you live in each sent one to fulfill the calling You have given and to pour out Your blessing when we, like Isaiah, bow before You in sent surrender. In Your powerful name I pray—Amen. 

Are you among the sent? Do you pray for those who are? I’d love to receive your experience or prayer request in the comments below or via the contact form at the right. 


  1. Marti, I met you at the Phila. Writers Conference. We ate lunch together and heard a wonderful testimony from a former pastor’s wife at our table. I enjoyed meeting you, and I admire your skills. I am sending my blog link as I attempt to network with other authors and seek to improve my skills through professional input. Please feel free to send suggestions and pointers:
    Your website and blog are lovely and powerful.
    Many thanks,
    Jo Ann

    • Hi Jo Ann! Thanks for finding me online. I do remember you and our conversation that day. I’ll check out your blog when I have a chance, and thank you for the kind words. Feel free to subscribe via the RSS link at the top of the home page. I’ll look for you on Facebook, too. Blessings!

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