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PRAY: Praying for the Innocent Ones

Posted by on October 11, 2012 in Uncategorized | 0 comments

Today, Lord, I come to you on behalf of the innocent ones. I’m thinking of those who hurt through no fault of their own. I’m thinking of children, of course, and also of other victims of anger, hatred, or violence. I’m thinking of those who suffer for doing what is right. I’m thinking, Lord, of you who knew no sin but became sin on our behalf.

And Lord, this is what I pray for these innocent ones today: that they would know you. That they would experience your power in their suffering. That you would rise up as their vindicator and protector.That they would take no thought for themselves but bring you glory through their patient endurance.

God, I ask you to sustain them. Strengthen them. Support them as only you can, our Provider. Heal them. Hold them. Help them reach beyond these hurts to find their full potential in you.

Thank you, Lord, for the innocent ones we see every day. May we not turn our backs or ignore them anymore. Empower us to reach out and serve them, to love them with your love, to offer them more than a pat on the back and a “God bless you.” The innocents, Lord, are the least of these—and the least of these matter to you. In your holy name I pray, AMEN. 

Does this prayer bring an innocent one to mind? I know I could have expanded it much more. Feel free to share your thoughts and/or prayer requests in a comment. 

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