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PRAY: Prayer for those with Hidden Hurts

Posted by on February 5, 2011 in Pray | 0 comments

 I’ll post the promised WRITE blog featuring an interview with Susan Meissner next week. I appreciate her willingness to fit my questions into her busy writing and ministry schedule!

In the meantime, I’m praying today for those with hidden hurts (yes, that means all of us) and want to share my heart and my words.

Father God, I come to you today weeping with those who weep and aching with those who hurt. So many times we smile on the outside as we mourn on the inside. And so often we believe the enemy’s lie that we’re alone in our pain. 

Lord Jesus, one of your promises is that you will not leave us alone, that you will come to us. I ask you to come to these dear ones now and bind up their wounds. I ask you to touch them with your Spirit, to bring healing and hope to their hearts. Father, I praise you for your mercy that surrounds and flows over all your works. Would you pour that mercy out in these specific situations today?

Where people need to talk, let the words drop like gentle rain. Where they need to grant space and time, let them do so with a large measure of your peace. And where words remain unspoken and conflicts unresolved, I ask you to pour out your grace. Lighten burdens. Remove the sting from each wound so its poison spreads no further.

Thank you that you understand each moment, each measure of our pain. Thank you that you endured much worse at much greater cost. Thank you for your love. Please pour it on those who are hurting and hiding this day. In Jesus’ holy name I pray–AMEN. 

Do you have thoughts or prayers to add to mine, or a way this prayer has touched you? Feel free to share. I’ll keep praying. 

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