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PRAY: Prayer for Those Who Need to Watch Their Words

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“And the tongue is a fire” (James 3:6a).

When a teen commits suicide after many months of bullying, the news reminds us: Words matter.

When we overhear a parent’s harsh scolding of a child, our hearts remind us: Words matter.

But when we realize our own words have inflicted pain, the Holy Spirit convicts us: Words matter.

Father, today I pray on behalf of those who need to watch their words. So that means, once again, that I’m praying for everyone. Words have power and life. Words have meaning beyond the moment. Words can hurt. Words can heal.

Lord, my own words have often been used in anger. They bubbled up and boiled over from an inner reserve of resentment and insecurity. They scalded and scorched those I love. And the ugly blisters they left behind caused scarring only Your touch can remove.

So here’s what I’m asking, God. Help me, and others like me, to measure my words. Help me to think before I speak, but more than that, to be so full of You that nothing bubbles from my heart but Your grace and truth. Instead of lashing out in rage or striking out in hatred, let me share my struggles, my trials, my woundedness and weakness. Let me cry for help, not cause pain.

Help me to see those around me as You see them, God. Let me have Your eyes, Your ears, Your heart of compassion. Guide my lips as You guide my life.

And God? What I don’t say has the power to wound as much as what I do. Make my words fitly spoken, my silences golden, and my conversations filled with the knowledge of You.

Forgive me where I have failed you, my Father. Touch my lips with Your fire of purity and burn away anything that would best remain unsaid. In Your Holy name I pray, AMEN.  

Are you one of those who have been wounded by words? We often practice what we most despise. Ask God to show you if your words are hurting others and keep asking that His words flow from your lips.

If you prayed this prayer with me, I’d love to hear from you in the comments below or via email (see the “contact” link on my home page. Thank you for watching your words, because they matter.

Just like you. 

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