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PRAY: Prayer for Those Who Need to Step Out in Faith

Posted by on March 14, 2013 in Uncategorized | 2 comments

Photograph © Andrew Pieper, 2012

I have a beautiful, joy-filled friend who serves on the mission field in a country in Africa. Her most recent prayer letter challenged me in deep ways. She and her husband realized they were walking in fear rather than faith. God had given them specific direction and they’d delayed their obedience.
Their reasons for waiting made sense. The decision would affect their finances. They have three young children whom they’re raising far from family and the conveniences of the United States.

And yet: What did God say? My friend wrote, “More and more He began laying it on our hearts that we needed to step out in faith and make our actions line up with our values!
They realized they could no longer wait for circumstances to line up or a safety net to surround them. Instead, they must listen to God’s voice, move forward in faith, and trust Him. Period. And my friend’s advice?

“Living in faith is so much fun! Join me in the adventure of obedience!” So today, this is my prayer—for my friend, for myself, and for so many of us:

Lord, So often I need to step out, but instead, I cling in fear. Yet You have more than proven Your faithfulness, goodness, and power. You’ve never pointed me the wrong way. You’ve watched over me. You’ve brought good out of bad and light from darkness. You’ve stayed with me in the trial, in the storm, through the pain and through the problems. You are good. Always so good.

And me? I am frail and full of weakness. I am prone to wander, born to fail and fall. I often live as little Much-Afraid although Goodness and Mercy hold my hands and guide my steps.

I declare with You today that I don’t have to live this way anymore. I can hear Your voice. I can read Your Word. I do have Your Spirit within me. And I will step out in faith because You have provided, You will empower, and You are enabling me. I have the victory and He is here! In Your wonderful, powerful, almighty name I pray, AMEN.

Are you paralyzed by fear? Do you need to step out in faith? Feel free to share your prayer request in the comments below or via email. Please know I’ll continue to pray as I keep stepping up—and out—in faith. 


  1. So good, so true and so full of wisdom. Thank you for writing this. I too have always identified with little Much-Afraid, but God is urging and nudging my forward movement. Appreciate your prayers.

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