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PRAY: Prayer for Those Who Need to Let Go (New Year’s Prayer)

Posted by on December 31, 2010 in letting go, New Year's prayer, Pray | 0 comments

As 2010 takes its final bows, 2011 waits on tiptoe. We often think of the New Year as a time of beginnings. But for every fresh start, something stops. 
As we begin a New Year together, join me in praying for the endings, too.
Dear Father, today I come to you with gratitude on my heart for  the amazing things you’ve done. You’ve picked me out of the dirt and set me on the mountain. You’ve replaced my sobs with songs of joy. You’ve brought calm where confusions reigned and peace where anger flared. And you’ve loved me. Oh, how you’ve loved me. I’m so grateful.
God, as I look down the short hours to the New Year, the pathway looks foggy. I don’t see what you see. I don’t know what you know. But I do know you. And so I ask you—as I’ve learned to ask every day—to help me let go. To uncurl my clenched fist and place my hand in yours. To bend my knee and bow my heart. To willingly receive what you freely give. To accept—no, to embrace—the things, people, experiences, and changes you bring into my life. To seek your glory above what I think is my good.
Oh Jesus, I know I’ll forget sometimes. I’ll call “Three-Second Rule” and pick it back up. I’ll bite my lip, grit my teeth, and try my best to do it myself. Forgive me, dear Father, for I know not what I do. Remind me, gentle Shepherd, and let me hear your sure voice. And guide me, wise Counselor, that I may walk in your truth. Direct and unite my heart to fear and to honor only your name.
As my strength fails, yours rises. As I wait on you, I mount on eagles’ wings. As I surrender, you gain the victory. And somehow, Lord Jesus, when I give up my life, you take it and replace it with yours—the one already given for all. In this New Year, please help me let go.
In the Name above all names I pray with joy—AMEN.

How may I pray for you in 2011? Comment here, on Facebook, email or message me. I’ll consider it my joy to join my prayers with yours.

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