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PRAY: Prayer for Those Who Need to Be Still

Posted by on February 6, 2013 in Pray | 3 comments

“In times of great difficulty and great expectation, it is our wisdom to keep our spirits calm, quiet, and sedate; for then we are in the best frame both to do our own work and to consider the work of God.”—Matthew Henry

I posted this graphic (left) on my Facebook page yesterday after I saw it on the wall of Sisterhood magazine. It resonated with me because I so often run ahead of the Lord. Sure, I may appear patient on the outside. But on the inside—far too often—my emotions are churning, my mind is screaming, and my will is screaming, “Go!”

Some translations render the admonition in this verse as “Be silent” and others as “Be still,” but I believe both have the same meaning: let God handle it. Wait before Him. And rest.

Easy, right? Of course not. That’s why so many people shared and/or “liked” the graphic yesterday. But when Moses told the Israelites, “Be still,” I don’t imagine they wanted to listen, either. Their chariot-driving enemies were bearing down. Their number was small. Their bodies were tired. And they could do nothing to change their situation. Nothing except follow a leader they didn’t quite trust—who urged them to be still.

For those of us who are tired of waiting, tired of staying silent, and tired of trusting that God will fight for us, I offer today’s prayer:

Lord, I’m standing at the edge of my personal Red Sea today. The enemies are behind me, screaming their threats. And you’re saying, “Be still”?

I don’t get it, Lord. And I confess: my ways are not Your ways. The things I want to do are often the exact opposite of what You desire. I want to move, and You say to rest. I want to cry out, and You remind me to be silent. I want to fight back, and You tell me You’ve got it.

So, Lord, I ask You today to fulfill this work in my life. I can’t do it, but I know You can. Live through me. Be my rest and give me rest. Be my peace and grant me peace. Silence me that I may hear Your voice. Quiet me that I may know Your will. And move my heart, my mind, and my eyes to know that You are fighting for me whether I see any evidence of that or not.

I trust You, God. You made the customized Red Sea before me, and You can get me across. I wait before You with the strength only You can give. I offer myself to You to use as You desire. Live through me. Move through me. And oh, my Father, give me the simple strength to be still.

In Your holy, all-powerful name I pray, AMEN.

Do you face a Red Sea situation? Are you having trouble remaining still and letting the Lord fight for you? Feel free to share your prayer request in a comment or email. I’m already praying for you, but I’d love to share a more specific prayer. 


  1. Please pray that I trust the Lord as he guides in my life here at school away from home. The enemy is causing me to doubt.

  2. Thank you for this prayer. It centered me back on God’s calling. I cannot express the peace this prayer gave me. I am thankful to God for sending your post into my day. Blessings

    • I’m so glad it blessed you. And thank you!

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