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PRAY: Prayer for Those Who Need a Refuge

Posted by on September 19, 2013 in Pray | 0 comments

Photograph © Andrew PIeper,2012

Photograph © Andrew PIeper,2012

The way God connects His Word with prayers amazes me. That’s why I can’t come to the Word without praying. And that’s why I rarely pray without the Word—either by reading it, praying a verse I’ve memorized, or making some reference to it in my prayer time.

One of my favorite quiet time practices is to read five Psalms and one Proverb a day. I do this in addition to whatever other Bible study or books I’m working through. Sometimes, I read them in different translations to enrich the meaning. The fruit of this repetition comes in many ways. Over time, many of the verses have become familiar enough that God bring them to mind often.

And often, God gives me His words to pray for someone else. That’s what happened as I read Psalm 91 today. I’ve prayed it often for others—but again today, His Spirit brought it to life in fresh ways. And what did I see? It’s a prayer for someone—like those I’m praying for today—who needs a refuge.

Father God, my dear ones do need You to hide them under the shelter of Your wing. They do need a safe place. They do need protection. They don’t know what to do, but their eyes are on You. Oh Father, keep them there, ever there, fixed on You.

And Lord, I praise You that You do not worry. You do not fear. You do not stumble. You do not get upset. Take away my concern for these loved ones and replace it with the faith that You can move mountains, the hope that You can bring life from death, and the trust that You are watching over Your Word to perform it.

I ask that by the mercy of Your Spirit and the strength of Your righteous right hand, You would reach down and be a living refuge for these I hold before You today. When they run, may it be only to You. When they stumble, may Your angels lift them up. I ask You to guard them in all their ways, to deepen their love for You, and to show Yourself strong before them in every way.

Protect them, oh Jesus, from the one lies and steals and destroys. Since they are fully Yours, he has no place in their lives. May his power be dissolved like the snow in the hot noonday sun. And may You rule and reign in such a way that, even before You return, we catch a glimpse of Your glory.

Thank You that You are a refuge. You are a dwelling place. And no matter how hurt, how desperate, how far away You are, we can always turn to You. In Your holy name I pray—AMEN.

Are you in need of refuge? Are you praying for someone who is? Feel free to share your prayer need in the comments below or email me through the Contact link on the right. I will be honored to lift you and yours before Him.




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