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PRAY: Prayer for Those Who Grieve

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In my quiet time today, I read the following: “My soul weeps because of grief, Strengthen me according to Your word” (Psalm 119:28).

My soul weeps because of grief. This year, I understand that as never before. And so I offer today’s prayer for those whose souls also weep—and who are looking for strength beyond themselves. Feel free to pray it with me as your own.

Dear Father, I confess to you my heavy heart. It’s weighed down with sadness for the losses I’ve experienced over the past several months. It seems I haven’t healed from one before another strikes. Loss has left me feeling alternately numb, angry, lonely, and just plain tired. Grief hurts.
Lord, I don’t mean to complain. You give me daily reminders of your mercy and love. The beautiful sunrise this morning caused me yet again to look to you in awe. I know you’ve given me so much, and I am so grateful. In my walk with you and my relationships with family and friends, I have the most precious of treasures.

But still, I hurt. I come to you now asking you to forgive this weakness and fill me with your strength. Replace my lack of trust with confidence in your plan, your will, and your ways. Use every bit of my sorrow to make me more like you. In your gentleness, make me great—great in spirit, great in love, that I may comfort others with the comfort you’ve given me.

God, I need you today to show me your presence. I need you to reveal your power. Please do as you say and strengthen me according to your word. The Scriptures hold so much truth. Let me grasp on to them

—and to you—as if my life depended on it. Because it does.

Again, Lord, I don’t mean to complain about my sorrows. But I know the child who runs to you will never be turned away. Take me on your lap and hold me, Father. I long to find my comfort in you. In your holy name I pray—AMEN. 

Has this been a season of loss for you? Do you find yourself bathed in grief or sorrow? Feel free to leave a comment below or email me at the “contact” link on my website, . I would be honored to pray for you.

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