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PRAY: Prayer for Those Who Feel They Have Disappointed Others

Posted by on April 11, 2012 in disappointment, Pray | 0 comments

Lord, I come to you today on behalf of those who feel they have disappointed others who are important to them. And I come with understanding because I often feel this way myself.
Father, sometimes we disappoint others because we turn away from you. We go our own way, fight for our own rights, and hurt others in the process. We ask forgiveness, God, for the times we’ve hurt those we care about because of our own selfish and sinful desires.
Our King, we also disappoint others because we are inadequate. We don’t have the ability to do what we attempt. Give us a greater dependence on you, Lord, and allow us to look to you alone to supply the things we lack.
But God, sometimes we disappoint others because they have false expectations. They demand more than we can give. They look to us to meet needs you alone can fill. In these situations, our Savior, we ask for your abundant grace to balance both sides of the equation. Help us to go beyond that which we ask or think. And help those we disappoint to look to you to fulfill their desires and fill their longings. 
In this way, God, we thank and praise you for our inadequacies, knowing they are arrows that point others to you. We love you and pray all these things in your mighty name—AMEN.  

Do you identify with one or more elements of this prayer? Feel free to leave a comment or contact me to share your concern. 

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