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PRAY: Prayer for Those Who Feel Betrayed

Posted by on October 29, 2013 in Uncategorized | 6 comments

Still Waters

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The wife whose husband confessed to an affair. The man whose company has never made good on its promises. The child of divorce who waits, week after week, for a daddy who never visits.

I have friends who fit each of these descriptions. And like you, I have many more friends who also feel betrayed. I can pray with understanding because, like many of you, I’ve had people turn against me. Let’s pray for those struggling with the pain of betrayal right now:

Lord, We don’t like the way betrayal feels. It is ugly. It is shameful. It never should have been. It never should be.

Perhaps the most difficult element of betrayal is that it often comes from those we know well. They didn’t tell us the truth. They promised one thing and delivered another. They gave someone else what we felt we deserved. They didn’t hold to the values we thought they had. They let us down. They sold us out.

Lord, give us strength to do what You did and look with compassion on those who betray us. Help us to forgive them, for they not what they do. They know not the depth of the pain they have caused, the power of their actions to result in grief. Give us Your grace, Your power to forgive and to keep on forgiving, to bless them with the many mercies You bestow upon us.

And Jesus, let us look to You. Let us look to You as the One in whom all promises are yes. Let us look to You as the One who holds us fast. Let us look to You as the One who is worthy of all praise, all glory, all honor. Let us look to You as the One who, when reviled, did not revile in return. Let us look to You as our Healer and Deliver, the One who thrusts light into darkness and pulls hope from despair. Let us look to You as we pray in Your holy name—AMEN.

 Have you experienced a betrayal? Is someone you care about in this position of pain? Feel free to share in a comment or by emailing me through the contact link here. I do understand. And I’ll continue to pray. 


  1. Pray for me my girlfriend betrayed me she kept an affair with another boy and cheated me with lies.i am depressed .feeling very low .please pray.

    • Father, comfort this friend and keep Him close to you. May Your truth prevail in every aspect of this situation. Protect him from the enemy and fill his heart and mind with what is true, right, pure, and wholesome. In Your holy name I pray, AMEN.

  2. Please pray for me my dAughter And grandchild. My husband and son betrayed us in court causing my daughter to lose full custody of her child. They told lies about both of us. My ten year old grandchild has always lived with us and has always been very happy and taken care of. The father of the child never showed much interest in the child until he got married now he hAS sued for full custody after 10 years . Because of my husband and son testifying against their daughter and sister she now has joint custody as the noncustodial parent. MY daughter and grandchild are both so depressed about being separated as well as I am too. It has caused a split in our once tight knit family as my other daughter has take taken sides against us for some reason. It is mostly about jealousy and money. Please pray that my daughter and her child will be reunited under one roof and our family become close again.this is tearing us all apart.

    • I am praying for family unity and for God to work His best on behalf of your daughter, grandchild, and each one of you. Blessings!

  3. My husband has been having an affair for the last three years, I have only just found out when she started sending me hurtful messages of the intimate things they do together, I feel very betrayed as I love my husband so dearly, I have not told him what I know now but I have been praying for him for God to give him direction even though it hurts so deeply.

    • I am so sorry, Rachel. I am and will be praying for God’s peace and direction in this painful situation.

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