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PRAY: Prayer for Those Who Face Unseen Enemies

Posted by on April 3, 2013 in Uncategorized | 2 comments

Photograph  © 2012, Andrew Pieper

Have you had it happen yet? Your life moves along in one direction when sudden circumstances turn it upside down. The medical tests yield an unwanted diagnosis. The annual job evaluation includes a pink slip. The water pipes burst. The relationship shatters.
People who face unseen enemies work beside us. They live next door to us. They stand in front of us in line at the grocery store and walk on the treadmill next to us at the gym. They smile at us in church. And most of the time, we have no clue that beneath the surface, their hearts are breaking for themselves or for those they love.
Today, I want to pray for those people, knowing I’m in their number.
Dear Lord, today I lift up to You those who face unseen enemies and fight invisible battles. I thank You, my Father, that You are both powerful and present in every situation and that nothing is beyond Your sight or Your reach. I thank You that You equip us for battles unknown. You give us Your armor that we may stand and fight.
Lord, I pray for those facing unseen enemies outside themselves. I pray against the spiritual forces of darkness and ask You to overcome them. I pray against the tide of hatred, jealousy, and anger that causes nation to turn against nation and pits brother against brother. Protect us from the evil one, almighty God. Protect us from our friends and our enemies. Allow us to heap Your love and kindness upon them all.
Savior, I ask for Your redemptive hand of mercy up those who face unseen enemies within. In our fallen world, the forces of addiction, of chronic pain, of disease and even death seem overpowering. But greater are You who is within us, Lord God! We praise You for the victories You will give, for the freedom we will attain, for the healing You intend. We ask that nothing in our lives would keep us from receiving Your gifts. Cleanse us that we may walk worthy of You and your holiness. Restore us that we may be whole. In the mighty name of Jesus I pray—AMEN.
Sometimes, unseen enemies are also ones of which we’re unaware. If you have a prayer request that connects to such a need, feel free to share it in a comment below or email me. I’ll count it an honor to lift you and your need before Him.



  1. Someone I work with and actually brought into the organisation, as well as certain other members of my team show some subtle dislike of my presence. And a very close friend just disconnected from me for no reason and I have asked why. We used to attend the same bible study and church but she has stopped attending both. And situations around my career and finances are just stagnant- and I know they are due to unseen enemies.

    • Faithful are the wounds of a friend–and sometimes the enemy IS involved. I am asking the Lord to reveal His truth and give you peace in trying circumstances. Thank you for sharing!

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