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PRAY: Prayer for Those Who Are Turning Toward Him

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Turn Right

Read. Write. Pray has gone missing this summer, mostly because I have, too. I spent two-plus weeks in June with my mom in Ohio. She lives in the land of little Internet, so it was easier not to write than to add blogging to my away-from-mom’s-to-get-online schedule. After a few days back in Florida, I left for training and three weeks in Peru, which wiped out the rest of June and most of July. I had hoped to blog from Peru, but between a crazy-busy mission trip and writing schedule along with intermittent Internet, you can guess what happened.

So here I sit, the perpetual calendar in front of me still reading “June” when July is almost over. And I leave next Tuesday to serve and teach at the Greater Philadelphia Christian Writer’s Conference.

So much has happened. I have photos and (of course) thoughts  to share, and I’ll try to do that soon. But in the meantime, today’s prayer expresses much of what is in my heart.

Father, You’ve allowed me to see and do so much this summer. I sound as though I’m lamenting my busy schedule when I mean to celebrate it. Thank You for all the opportunities You’ve given, not just to me but to so many who pray alongside me.

All through this season, I’ve seen people who are turning to You. Some as they watch a drama and recognize Christ’s story within its layers. Some as they hear a testimony and relate its truth to their lives. Some as they fall under the conviction of Your Holy Spirit through a speaker’s message. Some as they sit alone to read Your Word.

Some of these don’t know they’re turning to You, God. They’re not aware of Your still, small voice or the power of Your Spirit. But they’re turning to You all the same. Some have known You for years but have fallen away. They’re taken a few baby steps to turn back, but the road looks so long. And some know and walk with You but, like me, need to make a consistent choice to turn toward rather than away from You moment by moment, day by day

God, today, draw Yourself near and speak to all of us in our need. Give us clear vision, Lord. Remind us You don’t stand at the end of the road or beyond the final turn. Instead, You’re running to meet us, to enfold us, to embrace us, to wrap us in the kind of hug only You can give.

Whoever calls on You shall be saved. Whoever seeks You will find You.  And whoever turns to You will find You first, last, and forever turning Your heart toward us. In Your holy name I pray—AMEN.

Do you have a story of yourself or someone you know turning toward Him this summer? Would you like me to join you in prayer for yourself or someone else at a turning point? Feel free to share in a comment below or email me at the “contact” link to the right. I’d love to hear your response and join you in prayer.






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