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PRAY: Prayer for Those Who Are Stretching Beyond Their Abilities

Posted by on February 17, 2012 in Pray | 0 comments

Father God, Today I’m crying out to you on behalf of so many who are stretching beyond their abilities. Life, circumstances, family, and failures have brought them to the breaking point. Their minds are numb. Their emotions are spent. And their hearts are hurting.

Or maybe they’re not spent at all. They may be at the gate of an exciting new challenge. You’ve laid something before them so big they can hardly believe it. They’ve waited for this. It’s here. And they can’t wait to step out—or they’re scared beyond reason.

Despite these different perspectives, Lord Jesus, they all—we all—need the same thing. We need You to take over. We need You to rise up within us and do that which we cannot. We need You to be the strength in our frailty, the supply in our lack, the life that bursts forth where we see only death and destruction.

I pray for these dear ones today, God, these ones who go beyond limits. Draw near to them by Your Spirit and give them the deep desire to draw near to You. Allow them to experience the more brought only by Your grace. Let them know Your power made perfect in their weakness. And Father, when the stretching comes to fruition, allow them to give the praise, honor, and glory only to You.

Thanks for loving these ones who keep reaching and following. Remind us always that when we go beyond what we can do, we never exceed Your grasp or Your power. We love You and pray these things in Your name—AMEN.

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