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PRAY: Prayer for Those Who Are Sorting Things Out

Posted by on October 3, 2013 in Pray | 10 comments

Mom's Home, Sycamore Hill Farm

Mom’s Home, Sycamore Hill Farm

Earlier this summer, I spent time in Ohio visiting my mom, who was widowed last June. We enjoyed some quiet days together working in her (huge) gardens, cleaning, and sorting things out.

Mom lives in a beautiful log home on 112 acres. Someday, she’ll move to a smaller place. While I visited, we went through her many antique cabinets and hutches. Because Mom has inherited many heirlooms and has had the privilege of a long life, she has lots of china, glassware, and other items to sort out. Together, we took time to categorize everything, setting aside a few items aside for sale or donation. Mom was amazed (and pleased) when I used my laptop to record our work.

How do we sort things out? Sometimes the task can seem impossible. And an emotional or spiritual sorting-out can overwhelm us even more than a physical one. We may find ourselves locked in fear, worry, or even depression because of the need to sort things out.

A connection with God offers a better solution. If you or someone you know is sorting things out, please join your prayers with mine:

Gracious God, my world and my circumstances overwhelm me at times. I can see so many sides to my situation, so many ways it could go, so many avenues and choices. But Father, I need to make some decisions. I need to move forward. And I need Your grace and power to sort things out.

Lord, when I look at the pictures of Jesus in Scripture, I don’t see Him confused or upset. I don’t see Him wondering what to do or how to do it. When He faced big decisions and life-changing moments, He always drew apart and spent time with You.

Lord, when I’m tempted to worry, please pull me into prayer. When my thoughts swirl about me, remind me that I have Your mind. Help me acknowledge You in every way as I trust You to make my paths straight.

Savior, I want to say along with You, “Lord, not my will but Yours be done.” Grant my desire to seek You first. Give me grace to seek You always. And help me as I sort things out according to Your Word, Your will, and Your way. In the holy name of Jesus I pray—AMEN.

Are you struggling to sort things out? Do you know someone who is? Feel free to share your prayer need in a comment or email through the contact link at the top right. As always, it’s my joy and privilege to pray for you.      


  1. Please pray that I have peace about my college career….I am very far into my major and am beginning to question why God has me here and if I should have taken another path. Please pray that I will trust him for direction, be still when I need to be, and have the wisdom to move when necessary.

    • Chelsea, of course I am and will be praying. I know He will be faithful to guide you as you continue to acknowledge Him in all your ways. Keep watching and listening!

  2. Marti – I needed this today. Thank You Lord for using my sweet friend to minister to me today.

    • And thank you for taking time to let me know. I’m always grateful when God uses these prayers beyond what I can ask or think.

  3. Love you my dear friend! Sorting everything right now. Work, life, priorities, plans. I have few constants right now, but many blessings. iIam trying to find time to focus on what matters, instead of wasting time on what distracts FROM what matters. 🙂

    • Wow. That’s a great word for all of us, Danyel. We all need to “find time to focus on what matters, instead of wasting time on what distracts.” Thanks for your words and your affirmation. I’m joining with you in prayer!

  4. Marti, as usual this hit so close to home for me. Thank you!

    • I’m glad. You’ve been on my heart lately, and I’ll continue to pray for wisdom as we all sort things out. Love you!

  5. I appreciate that prayer as a push against the paper clutter that overwhelmes me. We can’t get organized without the Lord’s help!

    • I agree, Sally. Great words from you to remember, too. Thank you, and I’ll continue to pray.

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