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PRAY: Prayer for Those Who are Graduating

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Melanie Ruth Pieper Class of 2014

Melanie Ruth Pieper
Class of 2014

Our daughter graduates from high school today. Our family members have started arriving, and I know this day will stand out in all our hearts and minds. Melanie’s the youngest of our five children, nearly ten years younger than her oldest sister. Although we will miss Karissa (serving as a nanny in Southeast Asia) and Andrew (keeping his perfect attendance record at the National Aviation Academy tonight, but coming to her party tomorrow), we are grateful for those who can join us.

Of course, I woke up in prayer today for Melanie and her friends from Grace Home Schoolers and the many others who are graduating at this time of year. I’m sharing my prayer with many today!

Father God, You are so good and so great. Thank You for bringing us to this long-awaited day. I praise You that you love celebrations and ask us to celebrate Your work in our lives. As we celebrate today, we know we’re really celebrating You and all You’ve done.

I thank You, Lord, for Your presence with these graduates at every point, every step, every bend in the road. Thank You for Your tender care and love. Thank You for dying on the cross to bring them to Yourself. Thank You for your mercies so freely poured out. Keep intersecting Your life with the lives of these graduates and allow them to keep running into You.

And thank You, Jesus, for Your power in our lives. Thank You that nothing is too hard or too difficult for You. Thank You that when we call, You answer. Thank You that when we come to You in faith, You can give us the strength and the ability to do what seems impossible. Thank You, indeed, that nothing is impossible with You.

Thank you, too, Holy Spirit, for Your peace which passes understanding. Thank You for your promise that as these graduates acknowledge You in all their ways, You will direct their paths. Thank You for the individual ways You have shaped them to bring Your name glory; for what once seemed like little that You have used to make much; and for the fact that one day, one year, or one decade from now, none of us will be the same because of Your mighty work and Your manifest wisdom.

Thank You for these special graduates who are so dear to our hearts and lives. Thank You that we have the privilege of celebrating with them. In the holy name of Jesus I pray, AMEN. 

Thanks for joining in my prayer and our celebration. Please share your prayer requests or praises in the comments below or by emailing me through the link at the top of the page. Enjoy your celebrations!

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