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PRAY: Prayer for Those Who Are Desperate

Posted by on February 26, 2013 in desperate, Pray | 0 comments

Photograph © Andrew Pieper, 2012

Desperate times call for desperate measures.” Although no one can pinpoint the source of that quote, at various times in our lives, we all acknowledge its truth. The disagreement comes when we discuss the desperate measures we need to take.

I think you’ll know my desperate measure of choice. Today, I face a spiritual battle on others’ behalf. Several situations have arisen where none of us has the control we long to have. We can’t wave a wand and fix it (for more on that idea, check out this prayer).

Today in my quiet time, God highlighted Psalm 130 as words to pray back to Him on behalf of my friends. Today, I share my personalization in hopes you’ll join your prayers with mine.

 After all, desperate times call for the One who’s desperately in love with us.

Dear God, I’ve hit bottom. I need your help.

Lord, I beg You: Listen to me. Please, please don’t stop listening no matter how much or how often I ask

 If you, God, kept a list of our wrongdoing, we’d sink lower than low. In fact, if You treated us according to all the ways we’ve messed up, no one could survive. But you’re an expert on forgiving, so we live to worship You.

I wait for You, Lord. I wait in confident expectation, my hope in Your hand of power and mercy. I’m hanging on. I’m waiting for You to come through, Lord. More than a child looks forward to Christmas morning, I’m waiting. I’m waiting for You.

Oh people of God, hope in Him, for His mercy, love, and compassion overflow. He offers redemption for everyone who seeks Him. And He’ll exchange all our sin—His people’s many offenses against Him—as no one else can. We pray in the name of Jesus—AMEN. 

Do you know someone who needs this prayer? Pray it first and please share it. If you’d like more specific prayer, feel free to leave a comment below or email me here.

I’ll continue praying. Because we’re all desperate.

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