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PRAY: Prayer for Those in the Midst of a Storm

Posted by on April 20, 2011 in Pray, storms | 8 comments

Sometimes life gets in the way. For the past couple of months, life in our family has included cancer surgery (my dad), ongoing treatment (Dad again), a fractured tibia (my son), and ongoing therapy (my dad and my son). 

For me, it’s also included teaching at the Florida Christian Writers Conference; some small, regular deadlines; and a big book deadline. Add that to mission trip fundraising for my two youngest daughters (almost at the halfway point in raising the more than $8000 they need to serve in Latvia and Peru) and you have a recipe for either disaster or dependence. Each new day presents multiple opportunities for either one. 
So no, the blog posts haven’t been as regular. But yes, God’s allowed me to escape disaster—spiritual and otherwise. I know I’m not alone in my position here in the eye of the storm. So, in honor of this and our upcoming hurricane season, I offer this prayer: 
Father, as disaster swirls around me, keep me in the shadow of Your wing. Direct and unite my heart to fear and to honor only You. Your promise was not to keep me from storms or strife but to be with me.
Thank You, my Master, for Your presence and power. Thank You for the gift of Your Son who lives inside me, strengthening and empowering me for the large and the little, the majestic and the mundane.
Lord, I pray for my friends who are hurting today. The winds tear at their lives; the pummeling doesn’t seem to stop. Help these dear ones reach the center in You. In quietness and trust is their strength, O God. May they find a place of sure refuge. May they see these storms and these circumstances as Your instruments of trust. 
Today, Lord Jesus, help us choose You. Help us to seek first Your kingdom and Your righteousness. Help us look beyond the storm to see Your peace that passes understanding. And help us hold fast to what is good—only You. In Your holy name I pray—AMEN. 
I know many who read this are facing storms. Feel free to comment or e-mail me and I’ll hold you before Him.


  1. I echo your prayer, Marti. It’s good to hear you’re hanging on in the midst of the storm. Take care.

  2. Thanks, Laura. I had to laugh when I saw you were mixed up about the day. Apparently that’s a storm symptom as well because I’ve felt that way ever since my son’s accident!

  3. Marti, your post reminds me of the song, Sometimes He Calms the Storm. The refrain includes, “Sometimes He calms the storm, other times He calms His child.”
    Either way, we can trust the Lord to act for our eternal good and His eternal glory!
    Praying that God will do both for you this day!

    Ava (now officially 53!)

  4. You are right, Ava, and thanks for reminding me of the song. Did I miss your birthday during my most recent storm? If so–Happy Birthday, and we’ll catch up when we have our party!

  5. And I find rest… in the eye of the storm.

    It’s amazing that, just by having God, we can.


  6. Duane–you are right, and I am grateful.
    Thanks for stopping by.

  7. Plz pray for me in the midst of my storm. Dealing with lots of stress at work, may not make it through college, and my relationship with my partner Luis. Doesn’t seem that my opinions and feelings are rarely validated. I do have FAITH, still feel lonely, lost and confused. God bless you and thank u for being there for us.

    • Praying, Yvette. May the Father grant you His peace–along with grace and wisdom to do what is right in each situation. Blessings!

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