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PRAY: Prayer for Those in Low Places

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Out of the depths I have cried to You, O Lord. (Psalm 130:1)
© Andrew PIeper, 2012

Perhaps you know someone in a low place.
It might be a place of depression, of dark emotions and unspoken words. It might be a place of humility, of coming down from the heights to valleys unseen and undesired.

It might be a place of pain and unheard-of imaginings. It might be a place of low respect or ill repute. It might be a place of consequences. It might be a place of choice. It might be a place of regret.

It might be a place of the past. It might be a place of the now.

I offer today’s prayer for those, for whatever reason, find themselves there.

Lord, I come to You with the real sense of Your greatness and my nothingness. I confess to You my weakness, my failure, my inability, my sin. I know I need Your power to lift me up.

But Father, I also confess to You my feelings about this low place. Too often, I look on it with loathing. I long for the former or future things. I desire affirmation and exaltation. I crave kindness. I miss mercy. And sometimes, I search for a way to go higher and ignore your call to stay low.

Lord, help me listen to You. Help me see the broken beauty that surrounds me. Help me stop seeking false roads toward the heights—or false heights to ascend. And help me learn the lessons of this low place.

God, I’d love to move out of the depths, but only in Your time and Your way. Only when I’m ready to comfort others with the comfort You give me. Only at Your word and with Your anointing.

Please, Jesus, give me the power You had to empty Yourself and take the form of a servant. Give me the power to stay low until such a time as You choose to raise me up. Give me the power to exalt You. 
As You increase, allow me to decrease—all for Your glory, AMEN.

Do you find yourself or someone you love in a low place? Share a prayer need in the comments below or in an email. I know about the low places, and I’d be honored to lift you up. 

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