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PRAY: Prayer for the New Year

Posted by on January 1, 2013 in Uncategorized | 0 comments

Father, I love you. I praise you because you are sovereign and thank you for your unfailing love. I bow before you and lift up my hands unto your name, the great name that is above all others.

Lord, I cannot give this New Year to you because you already own it. Instead, I come to you to acknowledge you as Lord over 2013 and over my life. I offer myself to you, day by day and moment by moment. I acknowledge your authority over me and surrender to your perfect will in every detail.

Thank you, God, that you see the big picture and the many small details. Thank you for the ways you will press, mold, shape, and challenge me this year. Thank you for your Word which will be used of your Spirit to make me more like you.

Thank you, Father, for my family. Thank you for the joys and concerns we share. Thank you that you intend each trial and triumph to bring us closer to one another and closer to you. I ask you to invade each of our days and to make your presence known in mighty ways. I ask for the fruit of your Spirit and the assurance of your love. Thank you for giving us each other. Thank you for giving us yourself.

Thank you, Jesus, for my friends. You’ve blessed me with relationships old and new. May each one reflect your character and your purpose in our lives. As I move through this year, show me new ways to bless those around me, new freedom to proclaim your truth.

There’s much more I could say, but I want to listen, too. Lord, grant me ears to hear your voice and a discerning spirit to block out all others. As I walk with you into the newness of this year, may I continue to hope in your goodness, trust in your plans, and love others in the wonderful ways you have loved me. Protect me from the evil one and keep me in your name, the powerful name of your Son in whom I place my life and my prayer, AMEN.

Do you have a prayer request for the New Year? Please leave it as a comment below or, if you’d prefer to keep it more private, email me instead. May you experience his peace and know his power throughout 2013. 

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