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PRAY: Prayer for the Disappointed

Posted by on December 3, 2010 in disappointment, Pray | 0 comments

Father, I pray this with understanding today because, well, it’s me. I thought I was following but it didn’t work out. I thought I was listening but it hasn’t happened. I thought I was serving but your answer sounds—for the moment, anyway—like a resounding “no.”
I can tell you’re using this to teach me, Jesus, and for this, I thank you. I’ve realized I don’t trust you as much as I should. I’ve recognized my excitement has blasted ahead of my faith. My ambition has blinded me to a true vision of you. And my ears have become tuned to man’s voice instead of your still, small, ever-seeking one.
I need you, my Savior, because I don’t always get it right. Forgive me my lack of trust. Yes, you sympathize with my weakness, but God, you also desire to keep me from sin. I recognize my hurt as a reflection of my lack of true union with you.
Today, my Counselor, give me joy. Today, my Healer, bathe my spirit. May your poured-out presence be the only balm I seek.
And, oh Jesus? You’re right. It’s not all about me after all. Others have much deeper and more painful hurts. Some are facing years of discouragement. For them, the sting of disappointment has become the gaping wound of destruction. Some have waited years without realizing their need to see you, to hear your voice and know your touch. 
In this season of presence, please come to them, my Emmanuel. Come to them. Become bigger in their lives, in my life, so we and our problems become less. We love you. We serve you. We lay our weakness and woundedness before you and seek your redemption. And we are so thankful you will never turn us away.
Come to us, Lord Jesus. Please come—and let us know you are here. In the name of the One who knows all hurt I pray—AMEN.

Do you identify? Do you have more to add? It’s my joy to pray alongside you.

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