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PRAY: Prayer for the Brokenhearted

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HeartThe initial announcement came via text message: “Malaysia Airlines deeply regrets that we have to assume beyond any reasonable doubt that MH370 has been lost and that none of those on board survived.” Not long after that, the prime minister spoke to gathered relatives—and to the world.

After the long wait, the news may not have come as a surprise. But to families clinging to hope, its finality was shocking. And although few of us have lost family members to a plane crash, we all know the face of heartbreak. Let’s pray together:

Father, we come to you on behalf of the heartbroken. We think of those hurt by the widening rings of this Malaysia Air tragedy. We think of those broken by long-term illness, divorce, or the woundedness of past or present abuse. We think of those too weak to cry out, too afraid to pray. We think of those without strength to take the next step. We think of the least of these.

And right now, because they cannot pray for themselves, we lift them before you, O God. You are Almighty. You are holy. You are perfect in wisdom and power, awesome in might. You know the end from the beginning because You are the beginning and the end. Always.

Lord, come to us, Your brokenhearted. Bind up our wounds. Heal our disease. Wipe our tears and bring us to You. Invade the lives of those who don’t know You in such a way that they cannot help but see. Comfort each one with the powerful sense of Your presence. Surround them with the soothing grace of Your peace.

When the day comes, Father, the day when they love and trust and hope again, Father, remind them that You are our reason to hope. You are our reason to worship. We lift our hands as we praise You through the tears, through the storm. Hold us close. Keep us always in Your name, the mighty name of Jesus in which we pray this day and always—AMEN.

Thank you for joining your prayers with mine today. I’d love to pray for someone you know who is brokenhearted. Feel free to share your prayer need via a comment below or in a personal email.

I understand brokenhearted. Because I’ve been there, too.



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