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PRAY: Prayer for Physical Healing

Posted by on March 13, 2012 in faith, healing, Pray | 2 comments

Our God, I recognize You today as the God who heals. I praise You because of Your great grace and the way You use it to pour your power through our weaknesses.

Today, I surrender the physical needs in our lives to You. No diagnosis, illness, or wound surprises you. I ask for Your protection from the enemy who so often invades this area of our lives. You designed a world without sin and sickness, without cancer or chronic pain. But You also use physical problems to bring people closer to You.

While I ask for healing, I pray for the grace to endure. Allow no one to suffer in vain. May our light and temporary afflictions bring us into the greater glory that is ours in relationship with You. May we know You more and more in spite of even because of—our physical needs, concerns, and problems.

As Jesus knelt to make a mud ball to place on the blind man’s eyes, so I bow in life’s dirt to offer Your healing and hope. Remind us all to pray for those who fear the future, those who live with constant pain, and those who have already suffered much. I ask You to come to those who have physical problems, to be present and powerful in every conversation with doctors and other medical personnel. Give these instruments of healing Your wisdom, Lord God, and allow them to see Your glory as they serve. 

May we see You and show You as we lay our physical bodies before You each day. In the holy name of Jesus I pray with faith, AMEN. 

Do you or does someone you know have a special need in the area of physical healing? I’d be honored to lift your request before Him. Feel free to leave a comment or email me. Thanks for sharing in this time of prayer. 


  1. hi I need prayer for my left knee. Ive had 3 knee surgeries ACL replacements and medial menicus removal. The ACL is stretched in my knee and both menicus lateral and medical are deteriorating. Need a creative miracle for both menicus to be completely restored, for a new ACL and surrounding tissues to be retored and scar tissue removed. All trama in knee to be removed and fully restored. Thankyou so much!

  2. Ashley, Thanks for sharing. I’m continuing to pray for your healing in this new year.

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