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PRAY: Prayer for My Fellow Writers

Posted by on October 20, 2011 in Pray, Rebeca Seitz, Reclaim Management | 3 comments

I spent the past few days with a wonderful group in an inspiring setting. Many of the artists from Reclaim Management gathered in Fulton, Kentucky for a retreat at Storybook Farm, home of Reclaim co-owner Rebeca Seitz and her husband Charles.The event included a delightful mix of interaction, writing, food, and rest.

My favorite part of the retreat was the time spent with other writers. I love hearing about their call to write and listening to the stories God has placed on their hearts.

Here at home, my heart overflows with prayers for fellow wordsmiths. I witnessed their desire to use their words to make a difference. I saw their passion for stories that matter. So I post this prayer in honor of the Reclaim family and all the other artists of words whose work breathes life and truth.

Holy God, I praise You for Your amazing creativity. Thank You for making a world filled with color, shape, form, and design. Thank You for giving us the tools of words and language, for moving us to craft messages and more. Thank You for sharing truth via words in the Book that matters most.

And thank You, Father, for writing Your story through us. Thank You for the different ways you have shaped and molded us as a community of artists. Thank You for urging to share unique elements of Your work. Thank you for the times of joy and sorrow that shape not only our lives but our words.

I lift up my fellow writers today as I ask you to draw near. Whisper the words that remind them of Your love. Replace their fears with faith. Help them through the hard places and smooth out the rough spots—in their lives and their manuscripts. Remind them to take every thought captive and to allow their words to reflect Your truth. Use Your Word to inspire them and Your Spirit to encourage them. Fill them with a bubbling fountain of ideas. Speak to them of secret things and open doors for them that no one can shut.

And Lord, please keep them from the evil one. I know he wants to kill their creative desires, steal their joy in their work, and destroy everything their words build. I also know You have the victory so I ask You to keep these precious ones in Your name—the mighty name in which I pray today. Amen.

Are you a writer with a specific prayer request? Feel free to share it by leaving a comment or send an email to marti (at) martipieper (dot) com. Blessings on your work and your words!


  1. Marti, it was great to meet you face to face. I hope all is well with you. I’ve added all the Reclaim writers I met into my prayer list and I’m expecting God to increase our circles of influence in our ministries, for his own glory.

  2. Marti, that is a wonderful prayer! So needed.

    Congrats you won “Just Walking” by Clella Camp from our Kindred Heart blog! Please email me your address to karen@karenrevansdotcom. Blessings!

  3. Thanks so much, Kindred Hearts! I received the book and am looking forward to reading it.

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