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PRAY: Never the Same Missions: Will You Go?

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Peru 1608-S

Laundry in Peru
Photo Credit Emily Bailey, Collision Media

I’m posting this blog quickly today because I have a dinner for 100 to cook. Yes, that’s right. One hundred.

No, we didn’t invite a few of our closest friends over for dinner. Instead, I’m cooking the Wednesday night meal for Asbury United Methodist Church, where my husband serves as Minister of Music. The kind hospitality crew has graciously allowed us to present this meal as a fundraiser for his mission trip to Costa Rica with Never the Same Missions July 6-20, 2014. We’ve already served a takeout meal for 100 a few weeks ago, and Tom, a professional trumpet player, has a concert planned for this Sunday afternoon, also at our church. All these activities will help support his mission trip.

So why do I want Tom—or any adult, for that matter—to come with me on what is primarily a student trip? I can think of several reason, the first being that we’ve been best friends for more than thirty years. We’ve both taken multiple mission trips but never had the opportunity to serve together.

But there are other reasons I want him to go. On the Never the Same trip, he’ll have the opportunity to make a positive difference in the lives of teens and nationals. He’ll serve as one of the adult leaders on a team of about thirty to forty and will have his own small group to disciple. They’ll spend time together and also join with their team for large-group devotions every day. He’ll travel on a bus with his team for daily ministry as they perform the “Spellbound” drama and have the experience of watching people transformed by the power of the gospel message.

In addition, he’ll have multiple opportunities to share—or help share—Christ with nationals who come to watch the performance. Tom is a great encourager, so I know he’ll push, prod, and lead by example as he shows the teens how to engage the culture. Sometimes, they’ll perform the drama. But other times, they may wash hair, scrub clothes, deliver food, or perform other acts of service. Never the Same needs willing workers like Tom who will get their hands dirty—and more importantly, their hearts soft—for the sake of Jesus.

Peru 3396-S

Photo credit Emily Bailey, Collision Media

Tom will also attend the FUAGNEM (Fired Up and Going Nuts Every Minute) worship services with me every evening. (I’m hoping he may get to use his trumpet.) Have you ever experienced worship with several hundred students? Let’s just say these are some of my favorite memories of previous trips. Never the Same offers powerful speakers (including trip sponsor Susie Shellenberger, founding editor of Brio and Sisterhood magazines) and testimonies in a celebratory setting that allows the students to interact with God in a way that fills them up so they can pour out on the mission field.

In my four years of travel with Never the Same, I’ve seen God heal, restore, break, and empower people for service. I’ve wept as an orphan clung to me and rejoiced as teenagers surrendered to God’s purposes for their lives. And I’ve also known His small—and sometimes loud—voice speaking straight to me.

If you’re an adult, young adult, or teen who wants an active way to respond to God’s commandment to “Go and Tell,” it’s not too late to join us on the mission field. God can cover the finances (even if you don’t cook a meal for one hundred). Check out the information here, or ask a question or comment (comments from Never the Same peeps are welcome!) below.

God has already called us to go. Will you allow Him to send you?





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