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Posted by on September 17, 2010 in Awe Star Ministries, Pray | 11 comments

The disclaimer posted on my blog informs readers that sometimes I receive free books in exchange for reviews in the READ portion of my blog. I don’t allow this to affect my review, but I want people to know the truth.

Today, I want to give a similar disclaimer about PRAY. For some time, I’ve known God had made me an intercessor—or, as Henry Blackaby puts it, a “knee” in the body of Christ. The same creative, perceptive qualities that make me a good writer also make me a sensitive intercessor. My reading, writing, and prayers have long been intertwined. That’s how the READ.WRITE. PRAY brand came to be.

BUT (this is the disclaimer part): I’m not a prayer expert.I have a deep concern that I not be seen as some kind of super-spiritual person, a person who knew God in way others couldn’t or didn’t. Jesus makes Himself accessible and available to all. He leaves none of us as orphans; He comes to us (John 14:18). And once we know Him by faith, the Holy Spirit gives us constant access to His ear and His heart. So Marti and her prayers are only as special as everyone else and theirs.

This disclaimer follows a sad occurrence. I’m preparing to teach about prayer in November at iGO, Awe Star Ministries’ annual missions conference. It’s one of my favorite events of the year, one where I gain more than I give. But as I prepare, I face battles. Apparently, I need to recognize what I don’t know so I can teach it. Yesterday, God made my inadequacies all too clear.

In the midst of a busy day, I received a phone call. I’d already shuttled children back and forth to work and classes, taught my daughters, and needed some solid writing time. I knew I only had an hour at home before I had to leave again.

The person who called me had a health concern. Now, she often has a health concern, and often blows it out of proportion. I had a busy week with multiple writing assignments looming. I had those excuses—not my Savior or my caller—first in my heart and mind. I listened with half an ear, gave some pat answers, rolled my eyes, and hung up as quickly as I could.

And then—God grabbed my heart. And what He said left me unable to write for the remaining time I had at home. Marti, you plan to teach about “the least of these” and how prayers for them connect to my heart. Don’t you know the one who called you is the least of these? Dear child, if the call had come from a close friend, a church member, or a college student in need, you’d have sounded so different. Your voice would have overflowed with warmth, compassion, and kindness. And you’d have ended the call with a prayer, not a promise to pray and a quick, “Talk to you soon.”

Jesus says when we serve the least of these, we do it unto Him. When we fail the least of these, we fail Him, too. I was impatient with my Lord yesterday. I spoke to Him as if he didn’t matter. I didn’t take time to show Him I care.

Yes, He loves and forgives me. And I know my phone caller will, too. But I wanted to post this to remind you—and myself—that the prayer-connection is much more about Jesus and much less about personal piety. I have knees of clay.

God, when you bring the least of these across my path, help me see You there. I surrender again to use my gifts and my calling in a way that pleases You. In the name of the one who loves and honors the least of these I pray—AMEN.


  1. Marti,
    Thanks for sharing your heart and being honest. I can REALLY relate to your struggle!

  2. You’re welcome, Kelli. Aren’t we thankful for His grace?

  3. I am right there with you! I recently taught a class on prayer for a young woman’s conference – and I was so humbled during my preparation time.
    God reminded me of my inadequacy and HIS adequacy.
    I am looking forward to hear what The Father says through you at iGo. Thanks for sharing your heart and your ‘disclaimer’.
    Praying for you. Really. :o)

  4. That was certainly a much needed reminder. I am guilty of asking for prayer, but not always so good at remembering to pray for others as they have requested. This is something I am “praying” God will help me to overcome. The Golden Rule applies here…”Do unto others as you would have them to do unto you!” If I am expecting them to pray for me, I need to be more diligent to pray for them. Thank you, Marti, for making me think (again). God bless you!

  5. Thanks, Shawna and Pam. I am grateful for you both. And Shawna–excited for some in-person time at iGO!

  6. Marti, I love you. I love your honesty, your integrity and your transparency. The sweetness of your heart for Him – and the least of these – is a fragrance that I believe fills His temple. You bless me, my friend.

  7. Debi, your kindness and love are undeserved–but much appreciated. And you have blessed me as well!

  8. Yes it’s so true that when we’re up against a time deadline, it’s hard to pause. Thank God that He can fix things in an INSTANT – something that would take us forever to do, God can touch a person in their point of need in an instant.

  9. A wonderful reminder, Arlene. Thanks for sharing!

  10. Your willingness to share yourself is so disarming. Love your honesty, your candid way of being brutal with your own faults, just love you period! Praying for the one who prays for others.
    P.S. ~~ finally figured out how to sign in, but now I can’t figure out to post my name!!

  11. Oh, Angie, you are way too kind. And I am grateful for the prayers. Never mind about your name–I’m just glad you can comment now! <3

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