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PRAY: A Christmas Prayer

Posted by on December 23, 2011 in Christmas, Lord's Prayer, Pray | 0 comments

My gift for this season of joy is this Christmas adaptation of the Lord’s Prayer (Disciples’ Prayer). I’m praying it for you today.
 Also, if you would like your name entered n the drawing for my Christmas Prize Pack (details here), please leave a comment below or on one of the previous two posts. Merry Christmas!

Our Savior, who came from heaven
Emmanuel is Your name

Your kingdom come to earth as a baby,

Your will complete at the cross,

That we might live on earth

With heaven’s power and mercy.

These Christmas gifts we ask of You:

The meeting of our needs,

The cleansing of our wrongs,

The grace to keep our relationships right.

Keep us on the Bethlehem way

And turn us from darkness to follow Your light.

For Yours, our Messiah, is the reign, the rule, and the forever-renown


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