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READ: Review, The Charlatan’s Boy by Jonathan Rogers

A huckster, an orphaned swamp boy, and a case of mistaken identity. These may sound like the makings of a great novel (and they are), but they don’t sound like my kind of novel. Unless the novel comes from artist of words and creator of Corenwald Jonathan Rogers, that is. I first became acquainted with this author’s storytelling skills when I reviewed his Wilderking trilogy for Homeschooling Today magazine a few years ago. In the process, our family fell in love with the fantasy kingdom of Corenwald and the Feechiefen Swamp. Rogers’s unique blend of Southern fiction and fantasy yields a nearly indescribable but wholly believable combination. This novel has a new publisher, a new look, and a new emphasis. Rogers uses The Charlatan’s Boy to tell the most ancient story of all. Scrawny, rejected Grady is the charlatan’s boy. Or is he? A startling revelation changes his life and sends him on an unwitting quest. As he carries out his master’s plan, he doesn’t realize he’s fulfilling another. When lies have shaped your life, truth can seem elusive—and painful. But truth, as the charlatan’s boy learns, also has amazing power to heal and set free. Engaging characters, intriguing dialogue, and a story every heart will recognize make this author’s latest offering one you won’t want to put down. Read (and encourage your young adults to read) The Charlatan’s Boy for the adventure. Remember it for the message. Well done, Mr. Rogers. Ha-ha-ha-hrawffff-wooooooooo! I’m posting this review at Waterbrook’s Blogging for Books site, too. If you have time, please visit and give my words a positive rating. Thanks! (FTC disclaimer: I received a copy of this book free from Waterbrook Multnomah Publishing Group in exchange for this...

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